Sunday, December 03, 2006

Der santu

As I've mentioned previously, it's officially Christmas season at our house. Now that it's December, the real countdown has begun with the opening of a box a day on our Playmobil Advent calendar, and like many children at this time of year, Bud always has today's date right on the tip of his tongue.

I'd been planning on easing into the season, to downplay the merriment and put off the decorations until mid-month, but the fact is that I'm just as big a sucker for the holiday as Bud is. Yesterday, Bud suggested that it was time to get a tree. It didn't take much convincing for him to get Papa and me bundled into the car to head off to make the Big Purchase, and now a brilliant, twinkling Christmas tree stands in a prominent position in the living room. Bud woke early this morning - not as early as some mornings, I'll grant you, but 3:00 a.m. nonetheless - not asking for breakfast, not asking to turn on the television, but simply requesting that we head downstairs to watch the tree. It promises to be a long month, but a lovely one.

Bud also took some time yesterday to compose a letter to Santa. Unlike last year, when Bud dictated his letter to me, this year he wrote it all by himself. It reads:

Der santu

Wut did you brin to me
I wot a move a toy a bawse house kshrls

Kpydr game by Bud and sumbh and mom
Dad nana puupu pbskids nosze game
Curious gorgre toy

Or, for those less fluent in Bud:

Dear Santa,

What did you bring to me?
I want a movie, a toy, a bouncy house, controls.

Computer game. By Bud and
Sumbah and Mom,
Dad, Nana, Papa
. PBS Kids, noisy game,
Curious George toy.

Oh, okay, I helped him with the "Curious." But the rest was pure Bud.

We're off to the mailbox today to send the letter off to the North Pole. Incidentally, we're not including the translation in the copy we're sending. I have it on good authority that Santa can read Bud just fine.


kristina said...

'Course Santa must be fluent in Budese.

Anonymous said...

his letter is adorable. i just posted about my daughter's - do you write letters back to him?

Anonymous said...


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Take care,

Anonymous said...

so adorable! i love that he wrote it entirely on his own. go bud!