Tuesday, November 28, 2006

By the numbers

Milligrams of melatonin Bud had before bed last night: 1.5

Time Bud fell asleep: 8:00

Time I finally crawled into bed: 11:55

Time Bud woke up to start his day: 1:40

Additional milligrams of melatonin I gave Bud: 1.5

Additional minutes of sleep Bud got: 0

Hour I dozed off and on while Bud sang, danced, played, jumped, talked, and twirled my hair: almost 5

Minutes late I was running by the time I finally got out of bed: 30

Hours I expected Bud to make it into the school day before he fell asleep or fell apart: 2

Warnings I issued to school professionals regarding suspected difficulty: 3

Classroom aides who usually work with Bud: 1

Classroom aides who went home sick today with strep throat: 1

Reported problems that resulted from Bud being overtired and having no aide: 0

Minutes early that Bud left school: 0

Minutes of nap time Bud got in the car after school: 10

Hours Bud had been awake by the time he went to bed tonight: 18

Seconds it took Bud to fall asleep: 4

Posts I've completed for NaBloPoMo: 27

Posts left to complete for NaBloPoMo: 3

Hours remaining today in which to post: 4

Ounces of energy in my reserve with which I could compose a post: 0

Posts completed today: 1


Wendy said...

Oh my gosh, how did you function today? That's terrible. Bendadryl?? Nyquil? (kidding...kind of)

Anonymous said...

Bravo! And good for Bud, for making it through the day on empty.

I have had those nights, man have I had them.


Anonymous said...

Hours of laughter as I read your post...many. We had a sleepless night here too. Perhaps it's the cold, or the phase of the moon. Either way, it'll be early to bed tonight. Good luck in your house too!

kristina said...

Hands flapping or clapping: Infinite.

MothersVox said...

Yes, brava, over and over again. You're awesome.

Lynanne said...

We've noticed our autistic son actually does better on less sleep. One day his aide complained that he needed more sleep and I told her he had gone to bed at 8 pm the night before!

Daisy said...

It's amazing how much you can accomplish on little or no sleep. I charge myself at work by refilling my coffee mug. Luckily, I'm the building "coffeemaker", so I can keep filling it up as needed!

Anonymous said...

Number of times I stirred during the night then fell back to sleep: two or three. :-) I guess I should feel guilty.

Connie Deming said...

Bud's mom and dad, were you hiding in our house?! It was the SAME scenario here for awhile there, right down to the melatonin!

Anonymous said...

Been there. My son just went off melatonin and is sleeping better. Something to ask you doctor about. Hope you get a good night sleep.

MOM-NOS said...

Anonymous, that's very interesting. If you happen to check back here, can you leave more information about your experience? How long was your son using melatonin? What prompted you to stop using it? Are you using anything else to help him fall asleep at night?

Without melatonin, Bud has a lot of difficulty falling asleep and is typically awake until nearly 11:00 p..m. (as opposed to 8:00 p.m. with it), but he still wakes up at the same time (usually around 5:00). Of course, there are days (like this one) when the melatonin doesn't help Bud stay asleep, but luckily they are the exception and not the rule.