Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lessons learned

As I've said a hundred times already, I am reluctant to write about Bud's life now, as everything I write seems like an invasion of his privacy. So I apologize that I'm writing this with a complete lack of context, but it was either post without context or post not at all.

It's about education and, specifically, about school and, specifically, about special ed staff.

If you ever for a single moment feel as if you are working with "educators" who seem to be approaching your son or daughter as a series of behaviors in the shape of a child, RUN.

Run fast.

Run fast, and run as far as you can.

Run until you find an educator who sees your child as full, whole person, with talent and ability and challenges and complexity, just as any full, whole person has. Then link arms and hold on tight, because you're both going to be in for a hell of a fight.


farmwifetwo said...


Just when you get the team built... when things are just a zipping along and there's only a few short years left to adulthood and you know sorting that mess out won't be fun and you think you can catch a breath... The teacher tells you he won't be there after June.

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that's why I homeschool now. He's flourishing, though!

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