Sunday, August 02, 2015

Our Wedding Neighborhood Festival

Yesterday, as Bud and I were out for a walk together, I asked him if it would be okay for me to write a blog post that told the story of his involvement at our wedding. He quickly said that it would. I reminded him that it would be published on the internet, and that lots of people who don't really know us would read it. He said that sounded great.

Since then, he has asked me many times if my blog is done.

The truth is, it has been a busy weekend and I haven't even started.

But Bud is really excited to share this with you, so I'm hoping that this preview will be enough for him (and for you) for now. The full story will follow sometime later this week.

For now, I give you three pages from a PowerPoint Bud created, which is titled "Our Wedding Neighborhood Festival":

To be continued.


hannah said...

Wow! With a guest list like that, it must have been quite a party! :)

Karen Isaacson said...

boy, I missed more than I realized by arriving late to the part.