Monday, August 03, 2015

For Jess, 'cause she's awesome

I recently found myself in a conversation about the ethics of restricting toys, books, tv shows, and other things from autistic kids (or, really, any kids) (or, really, any people) because they are not "age appropriate."

In the heat of the conversational moment, the well-reasoned, articulate thoughts on the subject that live somewhere in the recesses of my mind had a hard time turning themselves into actual spoken words. I found it was better to end the conversation before it turned into an expletive-laden diatribe THAT COULD ONLY BE CAPTURED IF I SAID IT IN ALL CAPS.

As my cooler head prevailed, I did what I often do when words escape me, and I looked to see if the wise and articulate Jess Wilson from Diary of a Mom had already said everything I wanted to say. After surfing her blog for a while, I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I messaged her and pleaded with her asked her if she had something in the archives that I'd missed.

She didn't, she said, but she'd see if she could put something together.

And, in less than a week, she produced a thoughtful, articulate post, entirely expletive-and-diatribe-free.

Please click here to read it.

Thanks, Jess. I owe you one.


Laura D said...

"person appropriate"--now that's a concept I can get behind :)

Kirsten said...

Thanks for pointing us over There!

Karen Isaacson said...

we need to get together and have the all caps rant just for fun.

MOM-NOS said...

Yes we do, Karen. YES WE DO.