Saturday, June 29, 2013

Echt? Deutsch?

Bud has always been great about visiting the dentist, because we set the tone early with low stress/low pressure visits that were followed by fabulous prizes.  (What's a little bribery when oral health is at stake, right?)

He does so well, in fact, that I've started taking it for granted, and yesterday I did the unthinkable - I forgot all about the prize.  As we drove toward the dentist's office, Bud casually asked what would be waiting for him when he finished.  After a few seconds of panic, I decided to come clean. I told him I'd forgotten and said that we'd visit Amazon or iTunes when we got home.  He happily agreed.

His appointment was as good as they get.  He sat patiently in the waiting room for 20 minutes as the staff ran late, then went in happily on his own with the hygienist. He got glowing reports when they finally delivered him back to me.  So I was happy to set him up on Amazon when we got home.

Bud spent some time in the afternoon surfing to find the prize that he wanted most and before long, he said he'd found it.  It was this:

Yes.  Sing' Und Tanz' Mit Uns Teletubbies.  Because what's better than Teletubbies?  Teletubbies in other languages.  Natürlich.

I can't say I was thrilled by the selection of this particular disc.  But I really should be more understanding.  When I was Bud's age, I had the same relationship with the Beatles that Bud has with the Teletubbies and I distinctly remember the stretch of time when this was on high rotation at my house:

So, Achtung, baby.  Who am I to say "nein"?

Bring on das Tubbies.


Daisy said...

Classic. I should tell you that Amigo likes to search YouTube for Spongbob Squarepants in different languages. His favorite is German.

MOM-NOS said...

Ah, yes, Daisy. I am already VERY familiar with the multilingual joy that is YouTube. My favorite so far is the Tubbies in Norwegian.

Anonymous said...

My son frequently changes language settings on the iPad just to listen to the different sounds.

When we were at Disney, we let him play with the touch screens at several rides. At one such ride, they identified him using his admission ticket.

I watched to make sure he was just playing with the settings, and not purchasing anything.

Only now he is getting advertisement e-mails in Portuguese.

Krystal said...

Is it sad I was able to read the covers without needing the translation yet I cannot for the life of me string a sentence together in German? And your little guy rocks!!

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that some autistics learn their mother tongue the way that many NTs learn foreign language: I've found that my son can pick up foreign words and remember them very easily. He seems to lack some. . .how to explain it. . .embarrassment filter that would make him worry about getting it wrong.

Ich spreche auch flieBendes Deutsch, aber meine Kinder sind auf Spanisch geeignet in die Schule. Es ist doch praktischer, wirklich - aber ein biBchen schade, meine ich.

Amy said...

Very interesting! My son has been watching YouTube videos in other languages as well too.

Sophie said...

En Nederlands? Vind hij dat niet leuk?

Met hartelijke groet,