Sunday, August 28, 2011

More to follow

I have a whole lot of partially-written blog posts bumping around in my brain.  I compose them in the car, I compose them in the shower - I compose them virtually everywhere I go.  I just don't compose them very often when I'm sitting at the keyboard.  There are plenty of reasons; I have plenty of excuses - and some of them are even good ones.  But the upshot is this: I'm just not writing as often as I'd like to.

I've been testing out another forum, though, and have created a MOM-Not Otherwise Specified Facebook page.  It's a modest little site, but I'm checking in more regularly there and I'm finding that it's much easier to dash out a 420-character status update than to do the heavy lifting of string words together to make sentences, sentences to make paragraphs, and paragraphs to make posts.

If you'd like to check it out - and, I know - Facebook - I know.  And yes, I saw The Social Network.  But, still - if you'd like to check it out, you can follow me by clicking here.

I'm still experimenting.  I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  Or, as I posted in another forum:

Increasing the online presence without actually composing whole paragraphs. Thoughtful expansion or indolent cop-out? You be the judge...


Teal said...

Anything you write, regardless of the forum, is a gift to all of us. Do what you can, when you can, and brush the guilt off of your shoulders.

Anonymous said...

I use my Facebook status as my writing outlet when I have no time to write. It's an exercise, perfectly legitimate. At least you're writing :-)

Keep it up!