Friday, March 11, 2011

Personal politicking

I'm ranting writing at Hopeful Parents today.

And I'm, duh, winning!


Robin said...

loved your rant
what are you winning?

MOM-NOS said...

Robin, clearly you have been making better use of your time than I have in recent weeks:

Click here.

Robin said...

Aha, I try to ignore Charlie Sheen :)
Keep on uh, winning.......
I do hope though that you do have your own set of gods to enjoy the 'winning' with you

Royal Ranch said...

The man in the video asking Shakir to step down almost brought tears to my eyes with his passion! Sometimes I can't even fathom what some people are thinking...

jess said...

omg, i snorted.

but as for the post ..

yes, this is the time for us to stand up and speak up on behalf of our children. with people like shakir around, we simply have no choice.

hope you're feeling better, warlock.

Genenut said...

Shakir still thinks he did nothing wrong.
His Response

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