Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bud goes Up On the Ridge

It's June 8: Do you have your copy of Up On the Ridge yet?

In case my early praise wasn't enough to sway you, I've asked an uber-fan to step in as guest blogger today to offer you his own review. I gave him the template, but the assessments are all his own.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you - Bud:

I like Dierks Bentley's CD Up On the Ridge because it makes me happy.

My favorite song on the CD is "Up On the Ridge." I like it because it's very awesome.

My second favorite song on the CD is "Fiddlin' Around." I like it because it makes me good.

Some other songs on the CD that I like are "Rovin' Gambler" and "Fallin' for You."

The instruments that I like hearing on the CD are a guitar and mandolin.

I think people should listen to Up On the Ridge because it's nice.

The best thing about Dierks Bentley is (he's) the best man ever.

You can download Up On the Ridge right now, right here. Trust us: it's nice.


Niksmom said...


Bud's Dad said...

Bought it this morning so I could talk intelligently with my son. I'm amazed, it really is the type of music you used to beg me to turn off. :)

Anonymous said...

Great review Bud, I may have to listen based on your opinions. :)

jess said...

on my way. you getting a cut from dierks i hope? ;)

Fairlington Blade said...

The album just got a glowing review in the Washington Post (and from someone who was clearly NOT a Dierks Bentley fan).


Robin said...

should it be my first download ever?

KAL said...

Cool! Fairlington Blade beat me to it... I saw the great review in the WP and meant to email you. The review had me intrigued, but thanks to Bud, I'm downloading it!

MOM-NOS said...

Jess, we are not, in fact, on payroll. All just part of our friendly service around here.

BB & KAL, someone else sent me the link to that review (thanks, by the way!). Rave reviews for this particular album, but YIKES, what a backhanded compliment.

Robin, yes, without question.