Saturday, May 29, 2010


About a week ago, the warm weather finally arrived up here on the tundra and with it came Bud's annual long-pant-long-sleeve wardrobe entrenchment. I can't blame him, really. Around here, we stay bundled from October to May, and for the most part, even a balmy day can be followed by a blast of arctic air. You don't want to be caught with your pants... er... short.

Still, the forecast for Tuesday called for temperatures over 90 degrees, and an overheated boy means an unpleasant school day even if the boy is overheated by choice, so last weekend I started talking to Bud about his impending clothing transition. He was having none of it. His logic went something like this:

Short are for summer.

Summer starts in June.

It is still May.

Therefore, arms and legs must be covered and jackets must be worn.

But I was relentless. I talked about the importance of wearing the right clothing for the weather, regardless of what the calendar says. I wrote a social story. I asked the team at school for reinforcement. And I put a call out to friends for words of advice.

It was my friend VTBudFan who offered the best, most succinct advice - four letters, brilliant in their simplicity: WWDW?

What Would Dierks Wear?

It was my ace in the hole - my sure-fire solution if my social story went belly-up. I had no doubt that a picture of Bud's hero in shorts in May would have the desired effect.

But I never got to test the theory.

By Monday night, the social stories and conversations with Mrs. Nee had worked their magic, and Bud slept in summer-weight pajamas, with his shorts and t-shirt laid out and ready for the morning. He's been happily weather-appropriate ever since. (Interestingly, because Bud has the unsettling habit of reading my mind, I did find him in his room just a few days later, rummaging through his drawers to find a sleeveless t-shirt "like Dierks wears in 'How Am I Doin'.'")

But I'm holding that ace up my sleeve, and I'm thinking of ways that it could be adapted. WWDE? - What Would Dierks Eat? (I'm thinking broccoli.) WWDR? - What Would Dierks Read? (Chapter books, presumably.)

The possibilities are endless.


Niksmom said...

I think Dierks would be delighted by all this! Hey, now there's an angle for behavior issues...WWDD (What would Dierks do?). LOL

Ange said...

My son is infatuated with Lady Gaga, so much that we have used her to motivate typing and writing (fan letters). I'm thinking your ace in the hole theory might backfire on me if I try it with Lady Gaga. dang.

MOM-NOS said...

Ange, that's hysterical. Good call.

katie said...

AWESOME. in caps.

Anonymous said...

So, your guy balks at chapter books too. Good to know that we're not alone.


VTBudFan said...

I feel so famous! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say that lately all I have to say to Bud is "hat or coat?" or "hat or button shirt?" and he very quickly and without fuss picks the hat every time. And..I must say that while I too like Dierks and he is all amazing and everything, I will celebrate Bud's willingness to comply with just about everything I ask of him! Except if I ask him to "share" me. -Mrs. Nee

Chelsea said...

oh my, that logic could be quoted directly from my house. We had rubber boot gate, because as i'm sure you know, rubber boots are for spring, and its still spring, so why would i not wear my boots in 90F weather? :)

AmyLK said...

That's fabulous! Anything that works without having to fight! Dierks would be proud of him!

Lisa said...

Love it! Kudos for coming up with different strategies to deal with Bud's wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

i love this!

we need a Dierks.

in our house it would be, what would Darth wear? what would the medieval flame-thrower eat? what would Zeus do? what would an Morbid Dwarf Ork say?

Missy said...

What a great idea!
I don't know if Jayden has a character that he would relate to like that.
I do know we have had similar "discussions" about things like this. Like evening starts at 6pm and dinner is served in the evening.

Brenda said...

Brilliant! Hmmm.. going to have to find out who this Dierks person is. Uh-oh, I hear gasps. Gotta run!

Astreil said...

This is so reminiscent of our house every time the seasons change. LOL, we'd have to play "What would Darth Vader wear?" Like the Lady commenter before, it wouldn't work out so well.

First it was only my Aspie. Then the trickle down theory comes into play with my younger ones. Now,we just gradually start supplementing in January (that's when spring arrives here) so that we're up to shorts by May. I still allow jeans for church, but only because he won't wear dockers. Thanks for posting. Bud seems to be a great kid.

stark. raving. mad. mommy. said...

OMG we so totally have to play "What Would a Jedi Wear?". As in, let's get into your Jedi shoes, let's get into your Jedi pajamas, I think a Jedi would put on sunblock... Now that we have a diagnosis, and I'm finding more blogs like this, everything is starting to make more sense! Thank you for writing this. (