Monday, January 11, 2010

Spreading the iPod love

Jess Wilson from Diary of a Mom has a phenomenal idea.

If you've ever run into Bud and me when we were out and about - at the grocery store, at the doctor's office, at the library, anywhere that might be dysregulating for Bud - in other words, just about anywhere - you've probably seen Bud with earphones on his ears and an iPod in his hand. Even if you only know us through the entries on this blog, you may have noticed how often Bud's iPod makes an appearance. There are actually several different posts devoted to it. In fact, Bud's iPod is such an important tool - so critical to his ability to navigate the world - that when he lost his iPod before Christmas and I had to order a new one, I found myself thinking that the cost should be covered by insurance. It's that instrumental.

I was not surprised, then, to read Jess' open letter to Steve Jobs, in which she let him know how important her daughter Kendall's iPod has been for her.

But I was surprised by her follow-up post.

Jess has teamed up with the Boston-area Autism Alliance of MetroWest to collect working iPods from people who have upgraded to newer models and put them into the hands of children and adults with autism who would otherwise not have them.

Please go here and read about the project. And if you have an old iPod that you're not using, please pack it up and send it along.

You will truly be making a difference.


Random said...

I got my first mp3 player (not an iPod) shortly after my diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome, after reading a post on your blog about Bud's relationship with his iPod.
It. Has. Been. Brilliant.
I used it to tune out the noisy university environment around me; I used it when I got to class early and everyone else was talking; I used it when I had to walk from one place to the next. Eventually, it died of overuse, as did its successor. I'm now on my third mp3 player (and have moved on to graduate school, where I use it in the lab to help me focus and tune out bothersome noises and other people).
So... Jess may thank Steve Jobs for the iPod, but I thank you for suggesting it to me.
And I strongly support the project. Will they take non-iPod mp3 players? I have two small ones I can share.

jess said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!!

And Random - we will happily accept all portable music devices in working order. Please include whatever is necessary to charge the players as the only chargers we currently have are the macs.

Thanks so much!!!

Dani G said...

Fabulous! I'm reposting this for sure!!

MI Dawn said...

Just catching up with things, and think this is a great idea. Unfortunately, no iPods around here. However, my college-age child put Jess's post up as her current status on FB so I'll keep an eye and see if they get any responses. Child thinks the idea is wonderful, and if we find her lost iPod we will certainly send it on.