Sunday, January 10, 2010

Next in a series

I've been on a roll lately renting (or buying or borrowing from the library) seasons of television series that either air on a channel I don't get or that somehow escaped me the first time around. I started with Dexter. I've seen the three seasons that are out on DVD, and if you breathe a WORD about Season 4 to me before it's out...

But you wouldn't do that.

When Dexter was done, I moved on to Six Feet Under. What a show. Have you seen it? If you haven't, go out and get it now. It's worth watching all five seasons just to see the series finale.

Now, I'm watching - and loving - Mad Men, and am delighted to know that 1) Season 3 will be out on DVD in just a couple of months and 2) the show airs on AMC, which is a channel I get, so I'll be good to go when Season 4 starts. But, for right now, I'm dangerously close to the end of Season 2, and I'm going to need to find something to fill the dead air.

So, assume that I've seen nothing (and you won't be far off). What should I start next?


K said...

West Wing
Sports Night

CANDACE said...

Dead Like Me--hilarious! Mandy Patinkin & the gal who played Whitley (Jasmine Guy)on A Different World, but playing a VERY un-Whitley like character. One of my favorites.

And definitely Arrested Development.

We're Dexter/Six Feet Under fans as well, and meaning to check out Mad Men.

Niksmom said...

Not a clue. I'm taking notes! ;-)

Bea said...

The Tudors.
(Did I mention House?)

pixiemama said...

In Therapy is on my list...

kirsten said...

right now we're 'hulu-ing':
arrested development
30 rock

(plus mary tyler moore and newhart)

and i've been wanting to get 'pushing daisies' - i only saw a couple of episodes when it was on air, but it was hilarious.

Melissa said...

I am still in mourning for Six Feet Under, one of my favorite shows of all time. Love Mad Men.

What about Big Love?

I've heard good things about Weeds (one of my coworkers lent me Season 1).

Anonymous said...

Veronica Mars

Nope. said...

Weeds. Weeds, Weeds, Weeds. I went so far as to take a road trip to an It's A Grind an hour away because I love the show so damned much.

Oh, on a Dexteresque note...word verification: Mince. ;)

Unknown said...

BIG LOVE. Trust me.

Kitt said...

I watched the pilot of "Lost" on Hulu to see what my obsessed friends were raving about. Two months later I'm almost done with Season 4. It's very intelligent and intriguing.

All the episodes are on Hulu.

*m* said...

We have been watching the first two seasons of "The Big Bang Theory" and loving it. Talk about social skills training!

Anonymous said...

Life. Simple as that. It's amazing. Quirky, fun, great characters, intelligent story. Life. You'll thank me.

And, I love The Big Bang Theory. Just plain old fun (and a touch of the all too familiar...)

Unknown said...

Your brother and I concur, You must watch FIREFLY! Be patient with the opening sequence of the show and we promise you will be hooked.

Other wonderful shows: Weeds, Dead Like Me, Californication

Anonymous said...

Hello,my name is Theo! I am a first time poster, but I love your writing!!

The Tudors!!!!!! Awesomeness! I don't think I can say more than that! I enjoy the take of looking at a young King Henry the VIII and how he developed into the charicature he inventually became.

Clash of the Gods! It's a show from the History Channel. If you go onto thier website they can tell you when it plays. It talks about Greek Mythology! Ok maybe I like it being a nerd and all. lol

As Bea said, House is excellent! The stories are always intelligent and engaging, and I love the idea of the main character being someone who is that flawed! makes him more human.

Bea is also dead on about Rome! Brillaint show, and though taking an artistic liscence, one of the most accurate in protraying the history of the Roman empire!

The Nostrodamus Effect also on History Channel, about the predictions of the End, and thier history, and how we have built on the original predictions.

mommy~dearest said...

House and TWIN PEAKS!
Trust me. Twin Peaks? You will love.

KAL said...

-Weeds, yes!
-The Closer
-Project Runway, if you haven't seen every season
-Veronica Mars
-and um, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (SO much better than the current vampire-saturated fare) I love Joss Whedon and so I would also say:

codeman38 said...

Along the same lines as The Big Bang Theory (which I also recommend), The IT Crowd. It's a British comedy about technical support workers, who are as socially adept as...well...technical support workers. :-p

Leslie said...

Sons of Anarchy. I was conflicted about cheering for the bad guys at first, but but now I'm ready to shop for leather and tattoos, and swear off shampoo. If you can cope with Dexter's hobby, (another show I truly love) you can handle a little biker culture. Katey Sagal is amazing in anything, but a force of nature in SOA. Seasons 1 and 2 are available at netflix.

I second Arrested Development if you somehow missed it, and even if you didn't. Probably the best television ever, and it's not feeling dated yet. All three seasons are available at netflix, or you can start with season 2 immediately at hulu right now.

Not exactly a rec, but I just finished watching the complete Duchess of Duke street from netflix. I can't say why I loved this slow, BBC costume drama. It seems dated (as in filmed in the seventies) and obviously made for tv, but love it I did.

Christa said...

Arrested Development
Arrested Development
Arrested Development

Did I mention Arrested Development?

Hoofer said...

West Wing
Sports Night
Battlestar Gallactica

Robin said...

We watch Entourage (LOVE IT), Californication (not as into that), Gilmore Girls (I know but even dh loved it), True Blood, Project Runway, The Amazing Race and Dexter (we are all caught up now and I am anxiously awaiting the next season). I also love to watch The Real Housewives of NYC and NJ, Flipping Out and Top Chef
I want to see The Tudors, Six Feet Under (I love the Aussie actress in that- she is in one of my favorite movies), and Big Love.
I will have to keep coming back for more suggestions!

Random said...

LOST is wonderful, but it will require attention. There is a lot to keep track of.
Based on what you've been enjoying, I'd also recommend Castle and House, MD. And just for general good fare, I'll have to throw my vote behind Firefly (after all, it's only fourteen episodes long; you can't go wrong).

Anonymous said...

The Wire, Seasons 1-5. It's written by David Simon, who is brilliant, and it's the best series I've ever watched. It's like watching a great realistic novel played out by incredible actors. Its critique of race, power, and American urban life is very nuanced and intelligent.

Of course, there's always Buffy, very much at the other extreme, but still loads of fun.

MOM-NOS said...

This is AWESOME! I may never leave my house again. I haven't seen any of these. Seriously - none of them.

Except - mommy~dearest? You're TOTALLY right - I have seen Twin Peaks, and I do love it.

Island Mom said...

"Slings and Arrows", about a dysfunctional Canadian Shakespeare troupe -- the smartest, funniest, best written series ever on TV (written by the guys from Kids in the Hall) -- all 3 seasons. I watched them in a marathon.

As an added benefit, you will likely develop an instant crush on Paul Gross, the lead actor.