Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling good

Bud stayed home from school today and after a couple of days of taking it easy, he seems to be back in good health. This evening he had two things on his mind: 1) Was there any possibility that he could parlay this into another day off?, and 2) How had poor Mrs. Nee fared without him today?

I cleared up the first concern quickly: He was better. He was going to school tomorrow. The end.

I had to be a bit more delicate with the second.

"Mrs. Nee misses me?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm sure she did miss you, Bud," I answered.

"She said, 'Oh, where is Bud?'"


"Did she cried? She said (sob, sob, sob) I miss Bud."

"Well, no, honey, she didn't cry."

"She missed me?"

"Well, I'm sure she missed you, honey. But she didn't cry. She knows you're coming back, just like when she's not at school, you know that she'll be coming back. She knows you're coming back, so she's not sad."

While he processed that, I changed the subject and let him know I'd made an appointment for him with the eye doctor, because his pediatrician thinks he might need glasses.

Bud perked right up and said, "And Mrs. Nee will say 'Hey-ey-ey-ey... you look GREAT in those glasses!"

The boy may have a lot of challenges, but self-esteem is certainly not one of them.


Robin said...

glad to hear Bud is better today
also glad he is happy about the glasses.
The rumor at our house is that glasses make you look smarter (as told to my 9 YO to her friend) :)

Claire said...

Now, just to REMEMBER the glasses every day... :) that's our problem here!

Good luck and tell Bud to enjoy being back at school! Love the discussion of how people can modulate themselves because they can predict... That's a useful skill!

*m* said...

Love his outlook. And you KNOW for a fact that she didn't cry?

pixiemama said...

Sweet boy.

jess said...

My money says she cried. At least a little.

Ms. TK said...

she cried.

i'm over here, wiping a tear.

with the chuckles.

he's hawt. he knows it.

love me some bud.

Niksmom said...

Cracking up here! And, ditto what Drama Mama wrote.

KAL said...

Love it!

Stimey said...

Awesome. Seriously, if he's got that self-esteem, someone is doing something way right.

Island Mom said...

Way to rock the self-esteem, and glad the barfing is over.

She cried.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog it makes me feel all fuzzy-the amazing platypus