Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beeing Bud

I was in my office this morning when an e-mail came through:

dear mom,

guess what i did? i had a spelling bee.
love bud

Underneath Bud's e-mail was an explanation from Mrs. Nee. Today was the fourth and fifth grade spelling bee. She gave Bud the option of working in the classroom or going to watch the spelling bee, and he opted to watch.

After watching for a while, Bud said, "Hey, I would like to do that." Mrs. Nee asked if he'd like her to see if he could go to the front of the line, and he said he would. He got up in front of everyone and got the word "receive." He couldn't quite picture it in his head, so he tried to write it down.

"It came out not quite right," Mrs. Nee wrote, "but who cares? He did it!!!!! Great Bud moment!"

Bud was still bursting with pride this evening when he told me about his day. It didn't matter to him that he got the spelling word wrong. For Bud, it was all about beeing there.


Anonymous said...

The question was "to bee or not to bee?" And Bud rose to the occasion and blossomed. Bee-autiful.

Cari said...

awe that is so awesome! :)

Eileen said...


gretchen said...

Oh man- I always have to stop and spell receive in my head (i before e except after c...) He got a toughy.

Stimey said...

That's awesome. Good for him.

pixiemama said...


Niksmom said...

Bud is awesome! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! :-)

Muser Grace said...

I just love your kid--and you for being such an attentive mother, seeking to know and love Bud for all he is!

mumkeepingsane said...

That's just really cool!

Ms. TK said...

Total stud.

Rent "Spellbound" for him one of these days.

Most of the kids on that documentary are of the French persuasion as well. Great film!

Booyah, Bud!