Friday, January 22, 2010

Beating the clock

It's 11:54 p.m., which means I have six minutes to get this post written and published if I'm going to meet my post-every-day-in-January goal. Tonight, an evening out with two of my closest friends took priority over blogging. I had a hunch you'd all understand.

So, two questions on my mind tonight after the publication of this photo on Dierks Bentley's Facebook page:

1. Did Dierks Bentley cut his hair again?


2. If he did, how is Bud going to react?

Which reminds me that I never told you about how I figured out where Bud's original Dierks Bentley short hair/long hair angst came from.

But I'll have to tell you about it tomorrow, because right now it's 11:59.


pixiemama said...

So glad you had a night out! :)

KAL said...


Unknown said...

But waiting, waiting for the next installment in the story! Where, Mom-nos, did Bud get his hair fixation? :)