Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dream until your dreams come true

Okay, folks, it's time to rally.

A fellow autism parent sent me this link to a "Most Deserving Fan" contest on Aerosmith's website, where Sandy I. has submitted an entry on behalf of her fourteen-year-old son Jamie, who has autism and wants to be a rock star. If Jamie gets the most votes in his area, he'll get the chance to meet his heroes, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

I know the kind of power that music - and the people who make it - can have with our kids, because I see it every day in Bud. As Sandy writes in her entry, "Yes, his autism still limits his world. But he loves the things that he lets into his world more deeply than most of us can appreciate."

So, if you want to help Jamie make his dream a reality, just follow this link, read Sandy's entry, and click on the little "thumbs up" icon at the bottom.

Rock on, Jamie. And say "hi" to Steven Tyler for us.


Drama Mama said...

Done. And I'm calling my friends.

Niksmom said...


Anonymous said...

Done. Is there a limit on number of votes? One daily? Will check back tomorrow.


*m* said...

Hey, it looks to me like the voting for that venue (Seattle) is already closed, even though voting was supposed to go on till tomorrow (?). No "thumbs" on Sandy's page anymore!

Bummer! What's up with that? I loved her entry!

Maddy said...

Looks like I'm too late but I'll check it out in any case just to be on the safe side.

telemommie said...

The thumbs were there when I checked. I love Aerosmith and got to meet them backstage once many, many years ago. I just saw that Steven Tyler may have hurt himself though. I hope this dream comes true!

Anonymous said...

I just went there and was able to click on the thumbs up. Awesome performance!

pickledfairy said...

Rock on is right! Just fantastic!