Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First mom

This evening I gave Bud a political pop quiz.

"Bud, who is the President?"

"Barack Obama."

"Right. And who is the Secretary of State?"

"His wife?"

"No, she's the First Lady. The Secretary of State is Hill-"

"Hillary Clinton?"


"She's what?"

"Secretary of State."

And on we went - Vice President, Governor... Then, slyly, I asked, "And who is the best mom in the whole wide world?"

"Mrs. Obama."

"Mrs. Obama? She's the BEST mom in the WHOLE world?"

"Yes. Mrs. Obama."

"Well, who is the second best mom?"

"You, Mom."


I think that's what's known in the business as "payback." But, Bud? I hate to break this to you, honey, but I'll bet Mrs. Obama gives Malia and Sasha pop quizzes a lot more often than I give them to you.

And, Bud?

She also makes them make their own beds.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. I can't even name the senators or governor of my current state. I only know the representative for my home district because everyone I know hates him so much and blames the failings of the universe on him (granted they are probably his fault, but still...).

Niksmom said...

Thanks for this much needed smile tonight.

Fleecy said...

This made me giggle. "Mrs. Obama."

JoyMama said...

That's delightful! Hey, at least if you have to play second fiddle to some other mama, he picked a good one for you! :)

Marcy said...

You are raising quite a fine son!

Jenn said...

Aw,how cute!

Giraffe's Song said...

LOL, that is very cute :)

kristina said...

would that we could all "train" our kids to do the same!

Daisy said...

Maybe it's because she's getting them a puppy. :)

Stat Mama said...

Love your blog! And this post :)

Stimey said...

My Jack really enjoys saying "BaaaROCK OOObama!" I figure if that will pull him over to my lefty leanings, it works for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your story, it really made me laugh! I too am impressed with your son's knowledge - you're obviously doing a great job.