Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Beautiful day

Bud's school is just down the street from my office, but this morning after I dropped him off, I didn't head to work. Instead, I turned around and drove back to my neighborhood polling place. I could have voted after work, but I wasn't taking any chances. If I am hit by a bus this afternoon, my vote will still be counted.

As I drove through the quiet streets of my small town, with the sun glaring through my windows on this unseasonably warm day, U2's "Beautiful Day" started playing on my iPod. It's a song that will forever remind me of the Obama campaign and of the feeling of hope it has inspired in me.

I turned up the volume and as my car filled with music, my eyes filled with tears. I knew the election was important to me - elections are always important to me - but I was startled by the force of my emotion. Admittedly, some of that emotion may be fueled by exhaustion - emotional and physical - as several busy weeks at work and home have meshed with an intense obsession with the poll data, political analysis, and pundit prose that all culminates today. But as I wiped the tears from my face, I realized that it was more than just exhaustion. I realized how tense I have been for weeks - for months - for years - about the state of our country, the state of the world, and what it all means for Bud's future. There is so much at stake in this election - politically, economically, environmentally, educationally, medically. There is so much to lose. There is so much to gain.

I have been hopeful throughout this election season, but I have also been cautious. I have hoped before and have had those hopes crushed. But today, for the first time in a long time, I started to feel like it might really happen. I started believing - not just saying, but really believing - that change might be coming. Right here, right now, today, in polling stations across the country, we just might be changing everything.

Vote wisely.

Vote well.

Vote Obama.


*m* said...

Yes We Did!

Wasn't it cathartic to press that button? So excited. So hopeful. So nervous. So ready for the 44th president to be one we can be proud of. So ready for it to be OVER!

Nicole said...

I second that emotion!

Bad music pun, I know, but I so agree with you.

FYI I just stumbled across your blog this morning and LOVE it. I'm currently a Special Ed major in PA and I have kind of a special interest in Autism.

Jeni said...

Yep -I too voted about 4 hours ago now! Nice feeling too as my daughter and I walked in, leading my 2 year-old-grandson along with us. Hopeful, a very good word choice to describe my feelings too at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I told my son, "You will remember this night until forever--the night your mother cried tears of joy over the new president." Emotional? Yeah, just a little. ;-)

Yes, we can. And hopefully, we did.

Anonymous said...

ng early in case of getting hit by a bus - that's awesome dedication! :-)

I'm nervous and crossing my fingers and...

@kristenspina: I think no matter what happens tonight, I'll be crying!

Jenn said...

Yes! Change is good! So many people remark how inspiring and full of hope he is - much like JFK. Heaven knows, our country sure could use an injection of hope right about now.

Suzpotts said...

Yay, Obama! Yes we can! A great day in history and so proud to be an American.

Daisy said...

I did. :)