Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Burning up the charts

Yesterday, Dierks Bentley released his latest single, "Feel That Fire," to radio stations. He also made it available for download from his website to fans and executive-producer types. I added it to my iTunes playlist and called Bud over to get his expert opinion.

Bud peered over my shoulder to look at the screen while he listened, then read the title, snapped his head toward me, and said, slightly aghast, "I don't want to feel a fire!" He reached out slowly, demonstrating the hesitancy he feels about touching his hands to flames and embers.

"He's not singing about a real fire, Bud," I said. "We never, ever touch real fires." I considered trying to explain the metaphor further, but just then Dierks hit the lyric "she wants to make love on a train" and I decided that I'd already said enough to make my point.

Bud listened to the rest of the song, smiled in approval, and asked me to put it on his iPod. I agreed, assured that he was clear that Dierks was not giving him a directive on the whole fire-feeling business.

Honestly, though, I hadn't realized just how much street cred Dierks has with Bud - enough that Bud would actually consider taking his cues from his long-haired hero. The revelation has started me thinking.

So, Dierks, if you're reading - maybe you'd consider adding a track to your forthcoming album? I'm thinking "Clean That Playroom" has "hit single" written all over it...


Maddy said...

Oh dear. The list of messages both literal and subliminal are endless! Do you think he takes requests?

Best wishes

Niksmom said...

Well now, let's just hope that Bud doesn't start running around school singing the line about making love on a train! Yikes!

kristina said...

it's the wonderful (warpable) world of metaphors, Bud-style.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Assuming he agrees to your suggesion, I have other suggestions for Dierks' new album:
1. Take a Shower
2. Do Your Homework
3. Eat Some Vegetables, Please
4. Go to Bed Already!
5. Hampers are for Dirty Clothes
6. Your Cell Phone is a Privilege
7. Yes, If You Pay for It Yourself
and the hottest track...
8. Hurry or You'll Miss the Bus

Kitt said...

"Love the Thunder" would be another good one.

Daisy said...

Understanding metaphor is such an advanced language skill.

Joeymom said...

We listen to Laurie Berkner alot, and she has a song called "Clean It Up." I love to hear it being sung- in stereo- in the back seat.

Unknown said...

Still giggling. I'd definitely have my own list. This morning it would have been "Make Mommy Coffee," I'm afraid.