Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ladies love country boys

Ask Bud who his favorite singer is, and he'll give you the same answer every time: "Dierks Bentley."

But put your head next to his while he's listening to his iPod these days, and it's likely that you'll hear a different voice singing these lyrics:

"Now she's riding in the middle of his pickup truck, blaring Hank Jr., yelling "Turn it up!"..."

It's Trace Adkins belting out "Ladies Love Country Boys." Bud can't get enough of it.

For weeks he's been asking me to download it and I've been resisting. I'm not even sure why. The song isn't offensive. It's just - well, it's just such a guy song and, as I've mentioned before, I'm not sure that I'm ready for my little boy to turn into a guy.

I'm afraid there's not much I can do about it, though, especially when I consider the note that Bud brought home with him before his last school break. I'd unpacked his backpack and there among a stack of math and spelling worksheets was a folded scrap of paper with tattered edges, adorned with stickers of bunnies and raccoons, and labeled "To: You Bud."

Inside were more stickers and a handwritten message:

hope you have a Happy vecashion
Love Kelly
P.S. You are so cool
I like contry to
I like Dirks Bently,
talor SwiFt, Carie
undr wood.

So in the face of this irrefutable evidence, I think I have to admit that Trace and Bud just might be right.

Ladies really do love country boys.


Kitt said...


Anonymous said...

That note is too cute.

At least he's not into KISS like my son. :-)

Are you still dealing with thunderstorms there?

kristina said...

Oh my gosh, a loooooove note?!!??!!

Niksmom said... You are in deep waters now, my dear! Wow, that is a pretty serious love note! I mean, for the age. :-)

Yep, he's all boy!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I did a video with me and my son on a tractor to that song about a year ago. Unfortunately, it didn't get many views on youtube.

mommy~dearest said...

...Bud's got a girlfriend, Bud's got a girlfriend... ;)

MOM-NOS said...

Dancingmom, thanks for asking. Yes, there are still thunderstorms in the forecast almost every day, but luckily most have them haven't materialized. There was only one long, loud storm, and Bud slept right through it. The others have been short-lived and/or in the distance, and Bud has managed through them beautifully. He doesn't seem to be anxious about the possibility of a storm, and anytime I bring it up he says, "Remember what Dr. Susan said. You don't have to be afraid. The thunder can't hurt you. It's just clouds bumping together."

And now, I will knock on wood, because the thunderstorm predictions are still in forecast every day this week...

Ange said...

How cute! I married me a country boy (you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't... you know the rest). And Bubba is following his daddy's boot prints.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful note to find. My son is into rock as is every 14 year old, but not so long ago, heard a country song about a fella going to war and not coming home. It became the idea for an amazing piece of writing. His teacher was impressed and so were dad and I.
Country seems to have a license to touch on those things other genres are too afraid to talk about. We're to hellbent on keeping our thoughts and emotions to ourselves until they explode in violence as much of the music suggests these days. Nothing the matter with walking down a dirt road, facing an incoming storm and wondering whether to turn around and hide or walk right out and face it head on.
Whew! Holy metaphorical diatribe.

PS. Thanks for easing up on said storms up here in Canada. I have appreciated the good nights rest after the past few treatments.