Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bud gets political

I had no idea that Bud's been following politics.

I was giving him a bath this evening when we heard a low murmur of sound coming from through the closed bathroom door.

"That's music?" Bud asked.

"I think Nana is watching something on the computer," I said.

"It's Paul McCartney?" Bud asked.

I listened. I couldn't make out any of the words, but I recognized the rise and fall of the speech. "I think it's Barack Obama," I said, wondering how to explain who Barack Obama is.

"Barack Obama is singing?" Bud asked.

"No, Barack Obama is talking," I answered. Bud was quiet for a minute.

"Hillary Clinton is a singer?" Bud asked. I was startled. I had no idea that Bud knew the name "Hillary Clinton," much less that she was connected in some way to Barack Obama.

"No, Hillary Clinton is a talker, too," I answered.

"Hillary Clinton is Nana's friend?" Bud asked.

"Well, sure," I said. "Nana likes Hillary Clinton."

"And Barack Obama is Papa's friend?"

"Yes," I said, adding, lest Bud think that political allegiance must fall along gender lines, "But Nana likes Barack Obama, too."

"Barack Obama loves Nana?" Bud asked.

"Sure, Bud," I said. "Barack Obama loves everybody." (Have I mentioned that I have finally decided which candidate to support?)

"Barack Obama loves Papa?" he asked.

"Sure he does," I answered. Bud was quiet for another minute.

"Barack Obama loves Hillary Clinton?" Bud asked.

I hesitated before I answered. "Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are friends, Bud," I said. "They both want the same things."

And then I added, silently: "They just don't act like it."


kristina said...

We could use more Buds and fewer spinmeisters in the current campaign.

Daisy said...

I like Bud's assessment -- and yours, too! I fear that the current bickering may provide ammunition for the opposition come November.

Anonymous said...

What a good way to describe the political competition to your Bud. Friends who want the same things, I like it!

LAA and Family said...

Cute! I'm amazed at how all the names are coming up with my children.. from my 10 year old all the way to my 2 year old!

David said...

I think Bud is really on to something here. I smell a new band on the horizon: Hillarack! (Not to be confused with Chillowack) I smell something anyway ...

Country metal fusion pop rock folksy bluesy jazz type stuff. Top 40, 50, 60 plus. And then some. You get the idea ...

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Doesn't it make you wonder what else he's picking up on?

I love that Bud heard Obama's beautiful cadence as music. Even my grandmother, who is in that elderly demographic that love them some Hilary, had to admit that he is a brilliant orator.