Sunday, April 27, 2008

My achy breaky hair

You're not going to believe this, but I swear I'm not making it up. Remember Meg, my new dream-come-true hair stylist?

She dumped me.

It gets worse. She didn't just dump me; she dumped me by form letter. And it wasn't even a letter from her. It was from the owner of The Salon - "I am writing to inform you that Meg is no longer employed at The Salon. We will miss Meg and wish her the best in all her endeavors. Meg is a very talented hair stylist, however we value your business and hope you feel comfortable continuing to choose The Salon for your beauty needs."

Like I'm just supposed to pick up and move on or something. Honestly, the letter arrived yesterday and I've barely scratched the surface of the first stage of grief. I'm wallowing in my denial, certain that any minute the phone will ring and it will be Meg, letting me know she's set up a cozy little place where we continue on together as though nothing had happened. I keep waiting for the text message: "meet me 2moro." But it doesn't come.

So now, of course, I'm in a worse quandary than ever. I can't get back together with my ex-stylist, Rachel. That bridge has burned; that ship has sailed. Even if I showed up with candy and flowers at this point, it would be obvious to everyone that Rachel was just sloppy seconds. But if I start seeing yet ANOTHER stylist at The Salon? That says to Rachel "I'd take ANYONE over you." I just can't do that to her.

As I see it, I have two options: I can do my best investigative work and try to find Meg - she's out there somewhere; maybe she doesn't know how to contact me - and risk having her bring me up on stalking charges, or I can stake out on my own and start all over again in a new town with a new stylist at a new salon. Neither prospect is particularly inviting. But, really - I'd just started getting comfortable with my hair again. It's too hard to think about starting over, risking disappointment, suffering a set-back.

So I'm setting out to find Meg. I've got three weeks until my next scheduled appointment. By then, my hair and I will need her desperately.

Anyone know a good private detective?


Bad mommy said...

Find Meg. Often, you can call up the salon, play stupid and ask for an appointment with Meg. "She's gone. Maybe I can set you an appointment with Rachel?"

"Goodness, where did she go?"

Sometimes they will feign ignorance, but if you ask, "No really, where did she go?" sometimes you can find her.

In the past, when my stylists have left a place, I've gotten that surreptitious phone call saying "Uh, hi - I do your hair? I'm leaving, and wanted to let you know where I'm going." Thank GOD. I have bad hair, and it takes a certain type of saint to deal with both my hair and my personality.

Good luck!

Kitt said...

Bummer! I'd be frantic, too. I would play dumb and call the salon for her. "What? She's gone? Where is she? You can't say? I had some important news for her. Can you give her my number? Tell her it's regarding what we talked about at my last appointment."

(Which isn't a lie, if you talked about scheduling your next visit.)

My last vet clinic did that to me and boy was I peeved. I managed to track down the vet on my own and was her very first appointment in the new clinic that she started.

Teal said...

I agree with Bad Mommy. Play dumb, but don't accept an answer of "Gee, we don't know." Push and push if you have to. A good hair dresser is so important, and much too important to let social niceties get in the way of your mission. And when you do find her, I'm sure Meg will be not only grateful, but truly flattered that you cared enough to search for and follow her. Good luck!

Niksmom said...

Wow, that sucks. Maybe the salon has an agreement with its stylists that they are not allowed to solicit (current) clients when they leave? If you know Meg's last name you could try checking with the licensing bureau to see if there is a forwarding address for her.

Or, you could have a frank discussion with the owner of the salon and tell them you weren't happy with Rachel and ask him/her for a recommendation. Sometimes, the owner will take on certain people as clients for that no one else gets their feelings hurt.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The hair thing. Such a complex relationship builder/breaker.

I was stalked by my former stylist when he left his salon (under shady circumstances) and nearly a year later he is still trying to call me and woo me into his new place. (Thank god for caller id!!!)

I hope you find your Meg, soon.

Stimey said...

I feel your pain. I wish you luck on your Meg-search. And if you don't find her, I wish you a quick journey through the stages of grief. :)