Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The soundtrack of our lives

Really, if you're going to stay sane, then you need to be able to see the humor in life, even in - especially in - the hard times, right?

So I'm bundling Bud into the car this morning to start the trek to school. He is already entrenched in a monologue - "I don't want to go to school. I'll miss you. We'll miss each other." - and I am patting myself on the back for remembering my iPod, because I'm sure that a ride filled with his favorite music will take his mind off his impending loneliness.

"What should we listen to Bud?" I ask.

"How about Dierks?" he answers.

"Great! Which song?" I ask, perhaps a bit too perkily.

His answer comes back somberly: "Long Trip Alone."


"How about something a little bit happier, Bud?" I suggest.

"Okay," he says. "How about 'Lot of Leavin' Left to Do'?"

I mentally give Bud points for thinking on his feet. The boy knows how to send a message. But I put on the song and chuckle to myself as I hear Bud singing in the backseat, "I guess the Loooooord made me hard to handle...," and I keep the XM radio monitor on in the hopes that it will beep and tell me that a different Dierks song is playing somewhere and I'll be able to switch over and keep Bud engaged and redirected.

And then it hits me.

Dierks Bentley's new single? The song most likely to be playing on the radio as we ride to school?

No lie. It's called "Trying To Stop Your Leaving."

Seriously. You just can't make this stuff up.


Ange said...

What a quick, effective thinker Bud is! Well, you are talking about contry music here. Statistically speaking I think 85% of country songs are about a loss or leaving something, right? And drinking. ;)

Niksmom said...

Ooh, you were played like a fiddle! That Bud is sooo scary smart!

Anonymous said...

Bud is just cracking me up! What a smart little fellow.

But yes, as ange said, I think you might need to change your genre if you want to avoid the "leavin'" songs. Pete would like to suggest Queen or KISS. :-) I am not entirely certain how he got interested in KISS especially, but you should hear his 6 year-old voice sing, "I was made for lovin' you, baby" and then asking me, "Mom, were you made for loving me?" lol

karen in ca

Jordan said...

Brutal. Just brutal. It's inescapable. I'm sorry Bud's having such a hard time right now.

kristina said...

This boy knows how to communicate!

Club 166 said...

I love it! What a quick thinker.

I have to disagree with Ange on this, though. While a lot of country songs have to do with leaving, I have always been most fond of the song by Steve Goodman and John Prine, "You never even call me by my name" as song by David Allen Coe.

The last verse is the best:

Well, I was drunk the day my Mom got outta prison.
And I went to pick her up in the rain.
But, before I could get to the station in my pickup truck
She got runned over by a damned old train.

And I'll hang around as long as you will let me
And I never minded standin' in the rain.
You don't have to call me darlin', darlin'
You never even call me by my name.

Like everything else in the world, it can be found on Youtube here.


Unknown said...

Oh my. That boy is just so clever. I can just feel him trying to work it all out.

Marla said...

Classic. I love it.

Drama Mama said...

I love that kid.

You make me wish I understood country music.

kristen spina said...

Sweet Bud...He's got leavin' on his mind. Maybe part of your overall solution to this issue will be finding the songs that speak to getting back together--"Reunited and it feels so good..." You and Bud at the end of the day, together again.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe that title. oy vey. maybe another letter is in order? suggesting some NEW themes? like, 'Can't Wait Til I'm Leaving Again?' or 'Leavin' Aint Never Been So Easy?' or 'Sweet Morning Trip To Say Goodbye' or 'Not Now Mom, I'm Late for School?'

Anonymous said...

"How can I miss you if you won't go away?"

Anonymous said...

I know I am not being helpful here but I am so jealous! And I know the feeling of being torn too: my youngest daughter does not let me leave for work and prefers to sleep (quite literally) on top of my head, thinking may be that I am my head and the rest of my body is just an appendage. But I wish I had a relationship like yours with my oldest daughter...
Bud reminds me of myself (my mom was everything for me), I wish things were easier for him.

mommy~dearest said...

Awww...such a sweet story!
Wish I could relate on the Dierks, though- we ain't country folk here.

That's how you'll know he's hit it huge. If I ever hear of Dierks, he's in like flynn.

Hey! Dierks has been super-cool with Bud before...what are the chances of him writing a song called "It's time to leave your Momma and go to school, Bud"?

Just a thought. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bud is a genius and I would like him to help create playlists for my next party -- depending on the kind of party it is.

Katie said...


Too cute.

Oh. Fellow Dierks Bentley fan here...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, your post made me cry. I am going through the same thing with my child, and while I know he's manipulating me, it STILL breaks my heart. I'm in tears as well by the time I get back into the car after dropping him off. Thanks for posting this and reminding me I'm not the only one going through this.