Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In the lion's den

Niksmom is good for my ego.

She has given me an award. It's a "Roar for Powerful Words," developed by The Shameless Lion's Writing Circle to encourage and celebrate good and powerful writing in the blogosphere. With the award comes the directive to identify three things that make writing good and powerful. For me, powerful writing is:

- at once person-specific and universal, capturing an individual's own experience so pointedly that I can instantly connect to it.

- carefully constructed and artfully woven, with tiny turns of phrase that capture me and make me wish I'd written them.

- real and not dressed to impress.

I read a lot of blogs to gather wisdom, gain ideas, and build community. But there are a few blogs that I read for the pure poetry in the prose. It doesn't matter to me what these bloggers are writing about; it only matters that they write:

Kyra from This Mom


Kristen from From Here to There and Back

Drama Mama from Like a Shark

Vicki from Speak Softly...


kristen said...

Thanks for this! You are so kind. I feel the same way about you.

(Now you're going to have to give a tutorial on how to get the little logo/icon onto the page, because that is giving me a really hard time!)


Maddy said...

Excellent choices indeed.
Best wishes and congratulations to the winners.

Anonymous said...

you, dear, are good for my ego!

thanks to wonderful you, author of blog posts extraordinaire, poignant, artfully crafted, funny, wise, and thought-provoking.


Ange said...

Congratulations! I will have to check out your picks. I am having trouble keeping up with reading and commenting, and justifying the time I spend "blogging." Although, I began reading Unstrange Minds last night (finally got it from the library) and felt the tone, language, information, etc. was no different than the blogs I choose to read. I am only on page 27, so we will see.

Anonymous said...

You are so very deserving of this award. Your writing is beyond excellent. I have gone back and read nearly your entire blog in the last couple of months and have not been even the least bit disappointed.

Now I'm off to check out the couple of blogs you mentioned that I don't already know.

Niksmom said...

Heh, heh; it's because I called you ubiquitous, isn't it? ;-)

Special Needs Mama said...

Aw shucks. You know how I love this award!

Daisy said...

Congrats! Is the photo one of the Lion King artist's lions? It sure looks like the ones that blanketed our community last year.

Drama Mama said...

Thank you...Thank you...I am standing here, in my silver evening gown, trying not to cry. I was about to thank my manager and God, until I discovered I hadn't thanked YOU yet.

Thank YOU, dear heart, for being an inspiration and friend, and for sharing your beautiful boy with us.

You keep my coffee hot in the mornings.

MomTo3Kidz said...

Congrats on winning the award! My writing is not artful or important or even particularly witty. The only thing it is, is real - my real thoughts and feelings. Not very many people find them entertaining, but I don't mind!


Casdok said...


kristi said...

Awesome job!