Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tree and easy (down the road I go)

Does everyone else on the planet already know about this product, or am I about to provide you all with life-changing information?

The Swivel Straight Tree Stand.

Bud and I went out yesterday and picked out a Christmas tree. He picked it, actually. I was just along for the ride. We brought it home and hauled our old Christmas tree stand out of storage. Now, when I say "old" Christmas tree stand, I don't mean simply that it has been used before. I mean "old," as in it may actually have been manufactured while Baby Jesus was still laying in the manger. That kind of old.

Don't get me wrong - the old Christmas tree stand has a lot of terrific memories associated with it; it's just that most of those memories started out their lives with a tilting evergreen, the screech of metal-on-metal, and the frosty blast of unprintable curse words. We started down the same road last night, but as I caught the falling tree before it hit the living room floor, I said out loud, "Someone must have invented a better tree stand in the past several decades..."

And so, I hauled the tree back out to the garage and waited until morning, when Bud and I could head out in search of a better solution.

It didn't take us long. We walked into the local hardware store, and there in a glow of heavenly light was the Swivel Straight Tree Stand. I inched closer and touched the cardboard box, and I'm telling you, I think I heard the angels sing.

I knew I had found the one.

It did not disappoint. It was easy to assemble, and easier to use. Zip-zap-zup, and the tree was up.

Trust me on this one: If you want a little more merry in your Christmas, track this baby down and let the celebrating begin.


Maddy said...

Hmm tempting of course but I really resent spending money on those once a year items. Just call me scrooge! Maybe it's because we have another December birthday to navigate before I can even think about Christmas!


MOM-NOS said...

I know what you mean, Maddy. It was actually a bit less expensive in the store, and the way I figure it, if you only buy a new one every couple of millenia, the annual cost works out to be quite reasonable.

kristina said...

I was just reminiscing with Jim about the time my dad (he's a cheapskate but spends big for the important stuff) lugged in a tree and proceeded to saw at the trunk so it would fit the aging treestand that my parents have----suffice it to say, some hours later and with some exasperation between my parents (I was home from grad school and watched with memories of Xmas past), we got the tree up. At last!

Jim and I are very lazy---my parents now put up their (plastic) tree every year and Charlie enjoys it plenty.

Steve said...

Mom NOS - you are so right about this one! Every Christmas-tree-accomodating house should have one. One of these days I'm going to give them out as wedding gifts.

It is probably the 2nd most useful device in our home (behind the Tivo).

MOM-NOS said...

Steve, I think that (for one day a year, at least), this thing is even BETTER than TiVo. (And you know that this is not something I say lightly.)

It would make a great wedding present! I imagine there are more than a few marriages that would have survived a little longer if only they'd had one of these in the house.

MOM-NOS said...

Incidentally, folks, I know it sounds like one, but this is not actually a paid advertisement. This is pure Public Service Announcement, aimed solely at spreading the holiday cheer.

Drama Mama said...

Better than TiVo?


I'd run out and get one, but it's so much fun to see my husband sweat and swear at our old stand...

KAL said...

Oy, that is some tree stand!

(still reeling with disbelief ... better than TiVo? better than a good friend?)

Thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

Your comment about Baby Jesus had me in stitches. You're one funny gal, and I can see from your boy's remark about your singing that he's inherited the humor gene from you.

karen in ca :-)

Kitt said...

Sold! I was eying one of those the other day, sine I'm getting a real tree this year now that I have room for one, and a pretty arched window to put it in front of.

Happy holidays, indeed!

Post a picture, please!

Niksmom said...

ROFLMAO! I think we used to have the same OLD stand when I was a kid. Gawd it was terrible to watch my dad put up the tree. The language I learned...

We've gone artificial (2 cats who like to try to EAT the tree!) but my sister got one fo these last year and LOOOOOVES it!

Anonymous said...

We have a different way of avoiding the frosty blast of unprintable curse words: Chanukah!

Of course, there was the one time that Mom put the menorah on the counter, under the cabinets. They were able to sand out most of the scorch marks...

Anonymous said...

I am off tonight on a two-fold mission. One to secure an eight foot Scotch Pine and two, to find this stand of which you speak.
We inherited an old artificial tree many moons ago and I finally threw it out last year refusing to have it another second. So, on behalf of a "real tree" virgin, I thank you for your input.
I'll have to post some pictures when I finally get it together.

Stimey said...

We also have a stand like this, and it is awesome. I can erect the tree all by myself in 10 minutes. It's a huge improvement over those old metal ones.

We had to have this next day aired to us when we lived in Alaska for a year and hadn't packed our stand. We wanted to buy a tree, but the ENTIRE TOWN of Fairbanks was out of stands. Can you believe it.

But, I guess, it was a blessing in disguise, as they say.