Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cousin boom

The other day, Bud was setting up a live-action version of the Reader Rabbit Toddler computer game he's recently rediscovered. He'd already created the Bubble Castle, Follow-Me Theater, and the Musical Meadow, and he was searching through the house with an elephant in his arms.

"I need a Cousin Basket," he said.

"A Cousin Basket?" I asked. "What's that?"

"A Cousin Basket," he explained. "For the animals."

I scrolled through the Reader Rabbit game in my mind: Rainbow Rock... Pop and Play Animals... Sky Shapers... Baby Basket Bingo.


I've mentioned before that Bud is not a fan of babies. They're not as bad as thunderstorms or dogs, of course, but they certainly run a not-too-distant third. They're loud. They're unpredictable. They move suddenly and quickly, and they are best avoided at all cost.


Except that Bud has a one-year-old cousin. She is a loud, unpredictable, sudden-moving little thing, but she's adorable - and Bud knows it. She adores Bud, too, and he enjoys the admiration, so, against all his better judgment, he just can't help but like her.

Therein lies the conflict.

But Bud is a problem-solver, and problem-solve he has. He has decided that though he still doesn't like babies, he does like cousins. And when the two come into conflict, cousins trump babies every time. So, he's happy to play a modified version of the Reader Rabbit game - and I think we can all agree that Cousin Basket Bingo is infinitely more palatable than Baby Basket Bingo could ever be.

Bud's willing to expand his cousin horizon even further. We have good friends we have not seen much over the past two years, because they have two very small children. But, lately, Bud has been coming up with excuses to drop by their house - he wants to show them his paper bag mask; he wants to show them a dance he made up. And he is clear with his requests: he would like to show these things to our friends and their cousins.

It's very good news, really, because now I can let my brother and his wife know that they're free to introduce another new cousin into the family. Just as long as they don't go and have a baby.


Jenn said...

This story is cute. I love hearing about Bud-isms. Thanks for making me smile today :)

Anonymous said...

I like the way that boy thinks! :-) That game has been a favorite around here for years so I know all the references, which made your post even more fun to read.

karen in ca

kristina said...

He's got both his thinking cap and his listening ears on.

Angel The Alien said...

Awesome! I love how he made up a new phrase for himself! Pretty smart little dude. Glad he made an exception to the NO BABY rule for his cousin!

Drama Mama said...

Good God, the kid is smart.

Unbelievably, since having had two of my own, I now feel the same way about babies. Bud is on to something there.

Drama Mama said...

Good God, the kid is smart.

Unbelievably, since having had two of my own, I now feel the same way about babies. Bud is on to something there.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. They work their way through it don't they.
Happy Thanksgiving

Ami said...

I totally loved this.
Thanks for writing it so well, too.


David said...

Yup, this post is very precious. Bud really comes up with some amazing stuff. I like the way he thinks too. I think we all need a "Cousin Basket".

And babies are scarily unpredictable, but not for that long. It's really wonderful, as you say, that Bud is attracted to his cousins.

Anonymous said...

Bud's life recently has seemed to be about loopholes. Maybe he'll be an attorney...