Thursday, October 04, 2007

Write or wrong?

Are you surprised to hear from me again so soon?

I know. It's only the fourth day of October, and this is already my third post. That doesn't sound extraordinary until you consider that since May I have averaged six or seven posts each month.

So what's it all about, you ask? Why am I suddenly emerging from my self-imposed blogxile?

I'm testing myself.

I'm testing myself because it's October. Which means that it will soon be November.

Which means that NaBloPoMo will be here before we know it.

Which means that I need to decide whether or not I can participate again this year.

Even though I complained for most of the month last year.

At which time I wasn't even emerging from self-imposed blogxile.

But, still, I'm thinking about it. Maybe an external commitment is what I need to get my blogging groove back.

Maybe there's not enough stress in my life already.

Okay, maybe not.

I don't know. What do you think? How many of the rest of you will be participating? Is anyone willing to be my Anne Lamott of November and help me feel incompetent but in good company?

We've got 27 days to decide, folks. Are we thinking write?


Niksmom said...

I'll do it if you will. (Sh#t, did I just write that??) the idea scares me but I need to get over my fear of writing and sounding stupid or writing and not having anything to say or...or... all the things that are keeping me from writing the book I want to write about Nik's story and the lessons learned (and learning).

kristen spina said...

I think I do this already. I guess I've got a lot on my mind...

But yes, come back to us. Every day. We miss you. And we will reward you with lots and lots of comments. I promise.

Anonymous said...

Emboldened by yesterday's invitation to delurk (well, not exactly as I am still anonymous) please allow me to express the hope that you will consider the feelings of all your lurking fans who have had to do without you for month after recent month. Surely that will be enough for you to participate in the November challenge again this year. Do it for the lurkers, c'mon Mom-nos!!!

Bea said...

As a general rule, I'm opposed to NaBloPoMo. Guilt and self-imposed pressure are the enemies of blogging, and those things can only increase when there is an artificial and unnecessary goal like posting every day. NaBloPoMo also means that my efforts to keep up with 100 or so blogs in addition to reciprocal commenting are suddenly much more daunting than usual right in the middle of the busiest marking season of the year.

So. Not a big fan of NaBloPoMo. Except when it comes to you. I LOVED it last year, knowing I had a post from you to look forward to each day. And I've been missing you. So this is me begging you to do it (and notably NOT promising to climb on board myself).

mommy~dearest said...

Oooh...that's an awfully big commitment. Since I have to do "stealth blogging" (I blog when I can at work), I don't think I could do the Saturdays and Sundays.

I'll have to turn this one down, but I'm behind you 100% :)

Club 166 said...

Go on, you know you want to.

And there's lots of us out here waiting to read you every day.

Joe (also not volunteering to jump in with you).

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

NaNoHellNo.... :)

word ver: QT Wig - is there any such thing???

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be doing the Nanowrimo again this year. 50,000 words in a month :).

Ami said...

I signed up.
I write better under pressure.

I've already made a list of more than 30 topics. I hope that will help me.

But what if I FAIL???


Drama Mama said...

I'm crazy enough to do it. November happens to be my insane month; typically I work 16 hours a day all November because of the show.

Maybe. Someone nudge me. I'm totally willing.

kristina said...

If you do it it will seem like old times.

Actually, as you are on post #3 for the month, I think you may be well on your way......

Kitt said...

I had no idea there was such a thing. I post every day anyway, pretty much, so what the heck. All signed up!

But I look forward to reading you every day, for sure.

Anonymous said... it. We miss you. And I bet it will be good for you. A good outlet for your stress. It's gotta go somewhere....let us enjoy it.

Anonymous said... it. We miss you. And I bet it will be good for you. A good outlet for your stress. It's gotta go somewhere....let us enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I post most days anyway. When I don't have anything big to say, I post a gratitude list for the day. I hope you will do this! Add me to the list of people who would love to read more of you! :-)

karen in ca

Daisy said...

I signed up already. We can read each other every day. REmember, it doesn't have to be the great American novel every day; just a post.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please do it!!!!!

Me? I think I'll slink back to NaNoWriMo with my tail between my legs--a chance to redeem myself, if I'm able.

Anonymous said...

Please do it! I would love to hear from you everyday!

neil said...

When I was much younger, I used to run 10k nearly every day. All my mates that I ran with all wanted to do a marathon, 42k, but I never did, I was just happy with my 10k. If you're happy with your six or seven posts a month, why knock yourself about with a marathon? You might get your groove back...or lose it completely.