Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When is a school a house?

It can be so hard to understand the game plan when you're a literal thinker. And so hard to explain the game plan when you're not.

This morning, I told Bud that tonight was Open House at his school, and that after supper he and I would return to the school with all of the other kids and parents so that he could show me his classroom.

Later, I was upstairs getting ready for work and Bud joined me in the bathroom.

"I'm ready for my supper now," he said.

"It's not supper time, Bud," I said. "We just had breakfast. You need to get ready for school."

"It's not a school day?"

"It is a school day."

"It's just a house day?"

"No, Bud. It's a school day. You have to go to school."

"It's a school house? House school?"

"Oh! Yes. Open House. It is Open House day, but not until after school."

"After school?"


"Not at school?"

"Well, yes - at school. But not during the school day. Later. At night."

"At night?"


"Open House day at night?"

"Yes. First you go to school and have regular school, and then you come home, and then later you go back with Mom. But not right now."

"I don't go to school now?"

"No, you do go to school now. For regular school. Not school with Mom."

"Not with Mom? Nana will take me to school?"

"No, honey. I'll take you to school for regular school. But then after supper, I'll go back to school with you for Open House."

"Let's have supper."



Ange said...

I totally empathize. I'm glad our school calls it "Parent Night"! It's at night and parents get to go too. ;) I've also learned that my boys need prediction, but only one or 2 steps ahead. If not sometimes the middle steps never happen. Have fun tonight! To me, Bud's interpretation of things suggests "I want to be with you at school, so if we have to have supper to make that happen, then so be it!"

kristen spina said...

Ah yes, the literal mind. It can make it impossible to explain certain things. Hang in there. Hope tonight goes well.

Ange said...

OK, seriously...Bubba had a 1/2 of school today. He just came home with a scratchy, fearful voice saying "Mommy, am I going to lose my voice?"(someone at school told him this I guess?) ...and then "How can we find it?" How do you explain this? Help? Certainly not with the word "Hoarse" ;) Giddyup!

Anonymous said...

Now, who was it that was on first? LOL Very fun post. Thanks for sharing.

kristina said...

Open School----or just, when is school not open!

Angel The Alien said...

LOL... That IS confusing!
I used to work with a little boy with autism who took things very literally also, so he came up with a way to solve his confusion... He called it, "Open School". The onyl ptoblem was, he got very upset when he heard anyone else call it "Open House!"

Niksmom said...

Hmmm, makes me wonder if Abbott & Costello were autistic, too? ;-)

God BLESS Bud! :-)

MOM-NOS said...

An update: Despite all the confusion that preceded it, the Open School House Day At Night With Mom Which Followed Supper After Regular School With Just A Drop-Off By Mom (which, frankly, I think I'll suggest to the PTO as a new name for the event) was a big success, and Bud was simply tickled by the idea of being at school when it was dark out. Highlights included showing his iPod to his teachers and introducing me to Roberta, the class guinea pig.

Joeymom said...

That's when I pull out the visual schedule. OK, we are here. This is what happens next...

MOM-NOS said...

Ah, yes, Joeymom - Now that you mention it, that would have been JUST the thing to do! Maybe next year I'll remember...

David said...

Yeah, I'm with joeymom, we tried to keep it right in the moment with our little guy. The future is not later today, but just a couple of minutes from now ... wait for it ... !

Your record of the conversation was definitely fun to read though!

Drama Mama said...

I'm with Niksmom...very Who's On First? Loved the dialogue.

Glad it went well. Miss M just got guinea pigs. It was my concession to a pet, since I'm highly allergic. These are one step above a stuffed animal. She adores them. Does Bud like to cuddle Roberta?

mommy~dearest said...

Haha! I'm so glad everything worked out. I've had plenty of those discussions with Jaysen, and he always seems to frazzle me with his 6 year old mind.

The most recent one was Monday night when he was explaining to me that it was no longer his birthDAY because it was night.

Daisy said...

Our school has "Meet and Greet" night before school starts instead. Now that I've read Bud's response, I'm even more glad we do it that way!

LaurenAct513 said...

Tonight is back to school night for my kids too. I could see my son and I having the exact same conversation. Just think what Abbot and Costello could have done with some of the conversations we have with our spectrum kids.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences with Bud.