Saturday, October 13, 2007

No Go PoMo

I've made a decision.

It's the thirteenth day of October and this is my eighth post of the month. That feels good.

I have a hunch that if this were the thirteenth day of October and this were my thirteenth post of the month, it would not feel as good.

I'm opting out of NaBloPoMo this year.


David said...

Yeah, well I have had a dearth of postings this month, mostly due to work-related stress management (which blogging doesn't seem to quite provide since I don't post much about work). And I agree with your commentor (sp?) budandpie:

"Guilt and self-imposed pressure are the enemies of blogging, and those things can only increase when there is an artificial and unnecessary goal like posting every day. "

So I support your decision and look forward to your posts, in whatever frequency they appear, with your thoughtful inspirations.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

AMEN! The very name is kinda ick, don't you think?? We've been on vacation for a week in Orlando so no blogging. I'll blog the trip later including my Mia leaving the hotel room on an excursion in a 2000 room hotel.... Aye yi yi!!! Overall, the trip has been really autism friendly though. We've met several families with kids with autism or Asperger's. It's scary.... Hope you're well, MOM-NOS!

Mom-KRS... :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo I lost myself completely in the links there. Sounds like we all need a little breather.
Best wishes

Daisy said...

Ah, reality sets in. You have put your priorities in order. Post as much as you wish; we'll be here.

Bea said...


Anonymous said...

Ditto B&P.

Niksmom said...

Heavy sigh...but you will post *some* right?!

Anonymous said...

You know, I have always thought of my blog as a forum to share what I want and when I want. Sometimes, it actually works out to be almost daily, and other times, it is spaces in between because I am not sure I want to share or have a topic worth sharing. Forcing (if that's a correct term???) myself to be creative I think would take away some fo the emotion and feeling of the blog. So, I support your decision and hope that you will just write when you can, and know that I and many others are enjoying it for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

well, i will allow this ONLY if you post A LOT, like, about 29 times in the mo of no.