Saturday, August 18, 2007

What Bud eight

The other day, March Day and TJ tagged Bud for the eight things meme, so this morning we sat down at my laptop and I asked Bud what he'd like people to know about him. Here is his response:

1. I like chicken, white and chocolate ice cream, Twizzlers, and bagels.

2. I like my friends.

3. I like Ms. Luekart and Ms. Brown and Ms. Howard.

4. I like music class, gym class, library, art class, and the cafeteria.

5. I like the computer. Maisy's Playhouse.

6. I like to play toys. I like the Tubby house.

7. I like Tubbies.

8. I like Dierks "Every Mile a Memory," "I Can't Live it Down," "Long Trip Alone," "Come a Little Closer," "Free and Easy Down the Road I Go"; Keith Urban "I Told You So", "Days Go By," "Be My Life", "All Comes Down"; Jack Johnson "Banana Pancakes," "Upside Down," "Broken," "People Watching," "Wrong Turn,""Talk of the Town," "Jungle Gym," "We Are Going to be Friends"; Tim McGraw "Last Dollar," "Stars Go Blue"; Josh Turner "Would You Go With Me"; Rodney Atkins "These are My People"; Brad Paisley "Cooler Online," "Ticks"; The Wiggles "Hot Potato," "Shaky Shaky," "Fruit Salad Poem,"; Sugarland "Everyday America".


gretchen said...

I like you, Bud!

Anonymous said...

Lummy - what a broad range [including all the old favourites] I think we'd be hard pressed to come up with more than a couple. Good for you.

Stimey said...

What a great post. Great list, Bud.

Anonymous said...

OK Buds musical tastes are way cooler than my kids!! Rockabilly on Bud!!!

kristina said...

Now who could not like Hot Potato?

Mamaroo said...

So positive Bud is pointing out all the things he likes and forgetting about all the things he doesn't like.

Anonymous said...

Bud, you have excellent taste!

TJ also likes music, gym, library, and art at school. He likes all the computer games at He has the Curious George - Jack Johnson CD too, and likes all the songs on that CD. Not so much the country music artists, though. You would have to enjoy those songs with me while everyone else in my family listened to something else on their ipods, if we happened to all be taking a long car ride together!

Thanks for playing!

Drama Mama said...

What a cool kid. That Curious George album does get around. One of our faves, too. Soothing.

Anonymous said...

Jared and I dance and sang to "hot potato" this weekend. Bud has excellent taste.

May I recommend the IMAGINATION MOVERS to the parents of music lovers who love repetition. You won't mind hearing this again and again, I listen to it when the kids aren't in the car! If you see alot of Disney Playhouse (like we do) you'll start seeing the Imagination Movers.

One can only stand so much "fruit salad", no matter how 'yummy yummy' it is.