Thursday, July 26, 2007

Perfect ten

In a recent post on AutismVox, Kristina listed ten ways that she and her son Charlie are alike, and invited other bloggers to do the same. Here, then, are ten things that Bud and I have in common:

1. We have the same taste in music. We don't just like the same artists; the same tracks from those artists, the same melodic turns, the same tempos, the same instrumental breaks, the same harmonies seem to capture us both.

2. We both have an uncanny capacity for remembering song lyrics. My ability is far greater than the average person's; Bud's ability is far greater than mine.

3. We both love road trips. We look forward to the weekends, when "Mom and Bud Days" afford us the opportunity to pack a lunch, pack the car, and head somewhere, windows down and music playing. The destination is rarely as important to either of us as the trip itself. We like to be out - we like to be doing - we like to be active.

4. We are fans of technology. Computers, iPods, satellite radio, TiVo, you name it - we rarely meet a technology we don't enjoy.

5. We both love books and we are both good readers.

6. We both dislike math.

7. We enjoy the outdoors. We like walking in the woods. We like picking blueberries in the summer and apples in the fall. We like spending time at the lake and at the ocean. We like to feel the sun on our skin and the wind in our hair.

8. We like spending time with the people in our lives. We are also comfortable spending time alone.

9. We both have seasonal allergies, and both use prescription nasal sprays.

10. In the summer, we prefer wearing sandals to wearing socks and shoes or sneakers. We also like being barefoot. In the winter, we both wear socks to bed.

Anyone else want to share how you and your child are alike?


Bea said...

Bub and I both love breakfast. We can eat an enormous amount of cereal at a single sitting, and we like to eat the same cereal each day. In Bub's case it's Shreddies; in my case it's Life Multigrain.

Anonymous said...

Posted on my blog today!

Maddy said...

Horray you 'visit' your blog - what a good sharer you are!
Best wishes

Drama Mama said...

I was stumped for a moment, because Miss M. and I are seemingly very different, but she surprised me with a revelation today. My very shy daughter LOVES to act, and wants to be an actor when she grows up! It was a secret she told me at breakfast, so everyone - tick a lock, please?

Wow. Another actor in the family.

kristina said...

Now, how else might you be tempted into posting?

Ditto for the road trips!

Steve said...

Here's my 10!

MARY G said...

I was out boating with my younger daughter yesterday and I marvelled the whole time at how alike some of our responses to things are. We both just had to get out and swim and we were both po'ed with her dad for not finding us a quiet spot out of the chop to swim in.

I really like this idea and I love the things you came up with. Thanks!

Daisy said...

Mine is up. I posted earlier this week. Amigo read it today, when he got home from camp. He laughed. I think that means he likes it.

Drama Mama said...

You got me thinking with this one.
I kept going. Posted on my blog this evening. Thanks for a fun exercise!

Unknown said...

I love this, and will do the same soon. And I love how Kristina bamboozled you into writing this piece. So nice to hear from you (Go Kristina!)

Unknown said...

I could almost cut and paste that and it would be true for Gabe and I. :)

I will have to think of ten more.