Sunday, June 24, 2007

You take the high road

In the summer months, Bud and I try to do our small piece to reduce the size of our environmental footprint by rolling down the car windows and keeping the AC off as much as possible. Bud calls it "having fresh air." The only time we forgo fresh air is when we'll be traveling at high speeds, when we know that: 1) the strong wind whipping through the windows will send our compact car flying all over the road; 2) the strong wind whipping by us, but still within reach, will prove to be too great a temptation to keep small hands and faces inside the car; and, 3) the strong wind whipping past our ears will make it impossible to hear the music on the radio - always one of the highlights of any car trip.

And so it was yesterday, as we pulled onto an on-ramp and Bud asked, "Can I have some fresh air?"

"Not right now," I reminded him, "We can't have fresh air on the highway."

"Just on the what?" he asked.

"Just on the ---" I started, then paused as I searched for the right term.

"Just on the low-way," he offered.

Yep. That'll do.


Club 166 said...

Just so you don't feel guilty about running the AC on the highway-

The extra drag on the engine from running the AC is balanced out by the better aerodynamics from having the windows up at high speeds, so you're not burning more gas.

Anonymous said...

Bud just reminded me of my 5-year-old when we were watching birds out our windows. I said "Oh, look, that little woodpecker is a downy woodpecker!" He said "Are the big ones uppy woodpeckers?" (I said they should be.)

:) xo

Daisy said...

We have the same deal: fresh air in town, A/C or vents on the highway. Low-way? Love it. bud is so expressive.

mumkeepingsane said...

The it!

Mom said...

My sister told me that she considers it a "special indulgence" that she likes to run the AC with the windows down so it feels like a cool breeze through the open windows.

Now that's a waste of energy!!

Niksmom said...

What a quick wit Bud has! I love it. Yes, definitely must not let the wind on the highway drown out the music on the radio; that's my favorite part of any trip!

kristina said...

I had to start shutting the windows in summer (despite "turn it off!" environmental proclivities) due to the terrible noise of motorcycles and semis----and the dust flying into the contact lenses of the driver!

It's the freeway in California.

tulipmom said...

That's great!!

Know what the opposite of upside down is? Upside up! I always smile when my son uses this phrase.

J said...

I love that you call it "bud-isms", when Ben makes up words we call them "ben-isms" or "Ben-speak" so funny.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Pete, who is 6, was telling me about the games he had played in his adaptive PE class. He mentioned basketball, baseball, and then "soccer ball." Well, that makes sense, if every other game is named after its ball, don't you think? :-)

Karen in CA

Anonymous said...

Years ago, my now almost ten year old daughter had heard us say something about stubbing a pinkie toe on the table leg. From there, she extrapolated and started calling the big toe the "thumb toe." To this day, we've never corrected her - we love it! Kid logic is great.