Sunday, April 22, 2007

An open letter to Paul McCartney

Hi Paul,

I had a hunch you might stop by. You see, sometime last week I discovered that the traffic to my blog had suddenly jumped and I had several hundred more visitors than I usually see in a single day. After a bit of investigating, I learned that if you Googled "Memory Almost Full" that day, my blog post was the first hit that popped up. My traffic has dropped off a bit, as I've since been replaced in the number one spot. However, even though Sundays are usually slow around here, today things have been picking up again.

It seems that today I'm the number one Google hit for "Ever Present Past."

So it got me thinking. You've been in the press a lot lately, and it's not all been good news. You've just changed labels. You're set to release your first new album in several years. Perhaps you're wondering about the buzz... Are people talking? And, if so, what are they saying? If you wanted to get a sense of the spin, maybe you'd turn to Google. And if you turned to Google... well, you just might land here.

So you may be wondering: who is this person that Google seems to think is a McCartney expert? I have you at a disadvantage here since I blog with a pseudonym, but let me help you out a little:

Maybe you watched some of the interview outtakes from your last tour. Do you remember the woman who talked about her autistic son, and how much your music meant to both of them?

That was me.

Still fuzzy? Well, perhaps you remember the card you got when Linda died, from the woman who'd lost a daughter three months earlier?

Also me.

Or maybe you remember the summer of 1990, when your Fun Club office was flooded with letters from people all over the U.S. requesting that you send an autograph to their friend who had a birthday coming up?

Yes. Me. (And thanks for the autographed postcard, even if you only sent it to make the blasted letters stop coming.)

So perhaps now the picture is a little clearer. Or maybe it's not. I imagine that there are a whole lot of folks like me out there in the world. I've met some of them, actually. They are good people. And I'd wager that more than a few of them feel the same way about you that I do.

So, really, if you're surfing in here from Google, then I just want to say one thing: Thanks. Just thanks. You know for what.

Oh, and one other thing. I'm not sure which celebrity circles you run in, and I don't know if British celebrities tend to cross paths with other British celebrities all the time or not, but I have to say this just in case:

If you happen to run into the Teletubbies, could you pass this on to them?

Thanks again.

All the best,



Anonymous said...

How do you know how many hits you get to your blog in a single day?

MOM-NOS said...

Site Meter

Anonymous said...

MOM, you really *are* a fan-atic! LOL. Love reading all your posts. You and some of the other moms have inspired me to create my own blog. I aspire to be as erudite and insiteful...and, perhaps on occasion inciteful, too! LOL. Thanks for the encouragement you didn't even know you'd given. -- Niksmom

Anonymous said...

You should definitely send it to him!!!

Anonymous said...

Listen, We have an in with David Bowie and Sting on our end (Quark was a bodyguard and driver in his much younger years)...perhaps we could pull the friend of a friend of a friend of a friend card and see what happens. (Our luck, you'll end up with tickets to Bowie or The Police but no Paul)

As for the Teletubbies....sorry, we know no one nearly as important as to score us tickets for them. Sigh:(

Daisy said...

Fabulous. I mean Fan-tastic. Well said. If Palmer Cartney meets the Tele-tubbies, I hope he passes on Bud's request!