Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Memory Almost Full

We interrupt this illness for an important news announcement:

Unconfirmed Internet rumor suggests that Paul McCartney's new album, Memory Almost Full, will be released June 5.

No word yet from McCartney's official website.

It's no secret among longtime fans that McCartney tends to produce his finest work when he is experiencing acute stress in his personal life (witness Band on the Run, Tug of War, Flaming Pie, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.) Given that, this one ought to be a doozy.

In other news, Bud has returned to school this morning. I am able to lift my head from the pillow, but my brain still feels like Marshmallow Fluff. My Bloglines account shows 109 unread messages. Talk about memory almost full...


Wendy said...

I've had "Penny Lane" in my head all morning. I grew up on the Beatles. My dad either had the Beatles or Mamas and the Papas on the stereo. I love them both to this day.

Maddy said...

I've never quite got to grips with bloglines. I'm not sure what it is or how it works, so I'd say you're brain has great wiring.

gretchen said...

I've been meaning to ask if you are following the ex-Mrs. at all. Do you have any feelings toward her- pro or con? Are you watching Dancing with the Stars?

I saw one quick interview where she said that Paul had sent her flowers on the first night (on behalf of their daughter) that said "good luck mummy." What a nice guy.

MOM-NOS said...

Gretchen, I'd love to say that I've risen above it all and that I don't read any of the nasty scuttlebutt about the acrimonious divorce proceedings. I'd love to say that, but it'd be a lie. I read it all, but I refrain from posting about it. So, I'm slimy... but not TOO slimy.

I have been watching Dancing With the Stars, and I was prepared to loathe her. But I have to say - she's very talented, and I find myself liking her. The speculation is that she's taking part in DWTS for exactly that reason - to win over the American audience. And if that's the case, then I think that she (and her PR people) are brilliant, because I have to believe it's working.

Anonymous said...
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