Monday, April 16, 2007

Calm veneer

The Internet is absolutely swirling with rumor and speculation about Paul McCartney's forthcoming release on Hear Music, Memory Almost Full.

The latest is that the album will be brimming with songs based on the break-up of his marriage to Heather Mills, but will also be an homage to his first wife, Linda. The title Memory Almost Full is, in fact, said to be an anagram for the dedication "For my soulmate LLM" (with the LLM in question being, of course, Linda Louise McCartney).

I love it. And so, as a tribute to Paul and his tribute to Linda, I offer this post, and a virtual Starbucks latte to the first person who identifies the anagram that is its title.

Edited to add:

We have a winner! The venti latte goes to Harvest Mom, though I need to award tall nonfat decaf lattes to Wendy and VAB for their creativity.



Wendy said...

navel creme?


Harvest Moon Farm said...

clever name?

(although I like the navel cream better, LOL)

VAB said...

Must be "camel nerve."

Anonymous said...

re: even clam (no, that can't be it....)

never calme (it is always a good idea to practice your French accorde)

clever mane! (maybe he had a new hairdo?)

clever man, e? (you can tell I live close to

Paul loves MOM-NOS? (ooh, so close.)

Anonymous said...

Starbucks is for show-offs, insecure monied individuals, and those who do not know a true good cup of coffee. Two words, people: Dunkin' Donuts.

(Of note, I'm kidding.)

gretchen said...

I picked just the right time to show my husband your blog. He was hung up on this for quite awhile last night. But we were putting WAY too much thought into it. He had out his Wings CDs and that big Beatles coffee table book...

MOM-NOS said...

Gretchen, I knew I liked your husband!