Friday, February 23, 2007

Linkin', linkin', I've been thinkin'

"It's a Major Award!"

The very talented Bubandpie has awarded me the coveted Thinking Blogger Award. Okay, so maybe not coveted, as it is actually just a meme posing as an award. It's almost embarrassing that it means so much to me, but there you have it.

As a designated Thinking Blogger, I am charged with the task of linking to five other bloggers who make me think. This is not as easy as it sounds; I read a lot of bloggers who make me think. Many of them currently have links on the main page of my blog.

Here are five who don't:

1. Gretchen from gretchen's blog: I read a lot of blogs written by parents of children on the autism spectrum. Many of their children have shadows of similarity to Bud, but Gretchen's Henry consistently reminds me of him. Bud and Henry seem to be following a similar developmental path, and Henry is the one child I find myself comparing to Bud. Posts like this make me think for days.

2. Liesel Elliott from Dante's Inferno With Children: I love that Liesel writes with a real pseudonym and not a blogger pseudonym like RockinMamaBabe or, you know, mom-nos. I love the photography; I love the posts that read like fiction but probably aren't; I love the soul-searching posts about her childhood; and I love this one - which is really just a post about the nature of thinking itself.

3. Her Bad Mother: Somehow, linking to a blog that regularly gets 80 comments per post and on which I faithfully lurk but never surface feels a little like asking George Clooney to the prom, but, honestly, this piece about posting pictures of our kids has had me thinking for a week. It hasn't changed my own posting decisions, but I really value her perspective.

4. Vicki Forman from Speak Softly...: This is another blog on which I am a committed lurker. Many of her posts, both here and at Literary Mama, have made me think, but this piece absolutely blows me away.

5. Zilari from Processing in Parts: Through Autism Hub I've been introduced to number of great bloggers who are autistic. Zilari is one of them. Her posts are introspective and thoughtful, and she investigates issues in depth. Posts like this one not only make me think, but also make me a better parent.


Zilari said...

Glad I was able to write something useful.

I've been very lax about updating links to other pages on my blog (at least in the sidebar), and I'm thinking of just removing that section entirely in case I decide to revamp the whole thing someday.

It still feels really weird that people actually read Processing in Parts. I never really expected anyone to find it or really care all that much!

Maddy said...

Excellent - that's a weekend visiting for me all fixed up. Thanks for the invitations.

Anonymous said...

you deserve to be recognized - congrats!

thanks for the links - can't wait to explore new sites!

Bea said...

You probably make me think more than anyone, Mom-NOS. Not only do you write intellectually rigorous posts, but then you also have these flashes of insight from Bud - this week, for instance, everywhere I look I'm seeing beautiful patterns of light and shade, things I might have overlooked without you and Bud to show them to me.

Her Bad Mother said...

See, if you hadn't left that comment chez moi and led me over here I would never have met you and discovered your lovely blog! COMMENTS ARE GOOD.

(I read every single one, btw, and value every single one.)

Am beyond honoured that you were moved to name me. Thank you.

MOM-NOS said...

Goodness me! I am feeling the link-love tonight!

(P.S. George Clooney said "yes"!)

Liesel Elliott said...

Thank you, I love writing, (and photography), and I've found it too be really amazingly helpful to get my personal stories out there. Once I write them down they don't tend to clog up my brain any more.

It's even better if they make people think. You really made my day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links - some really great stuff there! "Her Bad Mother" was really hilarious. My type of humor!

If you like that, you should check out my all-time favorite parenting journal-writer, Catherine Newman. She used to write for, I think, but now she's at (and she links to her journal at Wondertime). Not an autism-mom journal, but great, poignant, hilarious stuff.

Leightongirl said...

Thank you!! I am honored.

Connie Deming said...

Bud's wonderful photos took me right back a decade or so to the way my son called my attention to those light patterns on the floor.
I'm a dinosaur here (he's 21 now), AND in cyberspace (I've been battling obstacles at the blogger gate for weeks!), but I enjoy reading your posts and these comments so much that
I finally created a space here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new blog links. I really, really enjoyed Speak Softly as a mom of premature twins. I enjoyed all of them and feel like I have learned a lot over the past few days. Congrats to all and thanks to all for sharing your favorites.


Girlplustwo said...

very nice list, and a very nice spot.