Saturday, January 13, 2007

Harshing his mellow

This just in:

New evidence that Bud is continuing to make strides, both in asserting his independence and in exhibiting neurotypical responses to parental input.

At bedtime this evening, Bud and I were headed to his room to put on his jammies and I got sidetracked (by which I mean that I stopped to show my mother the OK Go treadmill video on YouTube. She was impressed that it had gotten three million hits until I told her that two million of them were from me.)

Anyway, when I finally got back to what I was doing I discovered that Bud had gone into his room and closed the door behind him. I heard him talking and banging things around in his room, and thought he was just playing, passing the time, and waiting for me to show. So I did what I have been doing for the past seven-and-a-half years when Bud's on one side of a door and I'm on the other - I opened the door and started walking in.

Bud was bare-chested and was in the final stages of pulling on his pajama bottoms. His head whipped toward the door when he heard it open, and his face registered shock and annoyance.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Gimme a minute!"

I quickly apologized and shut the door.

Then I remembered that Bud and I have never had an exchange like that. "Gimme a minute?" Seriously, "Gimme a minute?"

That wasn't a script. That was Bud. That was Bud being annoyed. That was Bud being annoyed by me.

And so begins the next chapter of our lives.


kristina said...

Lots of growing up in these past few days, weeks-----thanks for keeping us posted on such an excellent story.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! Pretty soon you'll get the eye-rolling, sarcastic "Whatever" I have tried to ban in my house. :)

annoying mom in VT

Anonymous said...

Cool, and good for him.

Anonymous said...

For both kids, the natural progression in our house was from the modesty stage to the sudden urge to flash or moon stage. Without addressing the appropriateness of either, I would definitely say the flashing stage was more fun because it was always followed by hysterical laughter. You go, Bud!

Maddy said...

Good grief! Modesty! I've almost forgotten what that words means? This means that 'modesty' is a realistic possibility? Thanks for restoring 'hope'.
Cheers dearies

JenF said...

Oh - so maybe my boys aren't destined to streak down the hallway yelling 'Naked Man!!!' after a bath when they are 25? :o)

It's always amazing when something comes out of our little guys' mouths that we don't expect - and even more so for our special guys - go Bud!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I've been misleading or if I've given anyone false hope here. I don't think that modesty was the driving force behind this exchange - at least, not judging by Bud's continuing propensity to march throughout the house in his altogether. What was at issue, I think, was not what I was interrupting, but merely that I was interrupting.

Daisy said...

Ah, but there is hope! He wanted to do it himself. Independently. without mom in the way.

Anonymous said...

My first post. I learned the computer to tackle my son's autism. now there are will never end and I'll always be behind.

Signs of growing up delight me and scare me because when he's gone, that little boy will be gone forever.

Don't you want to freeze Bud at times?

Oh, I loved the Tellytubbies Computer Story. We had a similar incident.

And finally, you say you live in a rural area...with a progressive school system? Does such a thing exist?

I typed "progressive elementary schools New York State" into my search engine and got no entries...sigh.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! I GOT GOOSE-BUMPIES!!! bud, stepping up and clearing his throat. i love it!