Monday, December 18, 2006

Taste of the season

Another one for the "not even wrong" file:

Last night, Bud and I were putting together treat bags for his teachers, and he asked if he could eat a piece of candy. He chose a Nestles Crunch bell - something he'd never tried before. He bit in, and his face registered surprise that the candy did not have the smooth, creamy texture he has come to associate with chocolate.

"Mmmmm," he said with a far-away look in his eye, as he thought about the other crispy-coated food he enjoys. "It's just like chocolate chicken."


Ms. Clark said...

Maybe you could fix him some Chicken Mole (MOlay). I love that stuff.

teal said...

Bud, I just LOVE chocolate chicken, too!

kristen said...

Sounds like a "Max and Ruby"ism to me! We get that a lot in my house.