Saturday, December 09, 2006

George and Sam hit the States

George and Sam, Charlotte Moore's memoir of life as a single mother of three sons, two of who have autism, has finally been published in the U.S. As Kristina reports on AutismVox, there was a less-than-flattering review of it in the Washington Post on Friday.

I had a different take on the book when I read it last year.


Anonymous said...

I read about htis in People.
My gs gets very upset with presents also. He never wants one and he does not want a toy when you take him into the toy store.I am very interested in reading this book.

bethduckie said...

I, too, love 'George and Sam'

I didnt read it in isolation though- for me G and S was read after a long anticipation after her articles in The Guardian which were moving and amusing. I tend to think of it all as one big George and Sam fest rather than the book in isolation. There's a fair bit about family members and feelings and stuff in the articles. Have you read them?

I never thought she came across as acting heroic though-? I dont know why the critic got that impression. She sees the best in things, I agree, and looks for an explanation behind the things she doesnt understand, but i dont see how this makes her pretending to be a hero. Sometimes knowing why things happen can make the action (say smearing) seem less difficult.

and why should the book be mostly about her anyway? Its called George and Sam!! I read the book wanting to read about them, and Jake and Charlotte too, but mostly George and Sam.

Al resembled Sam more when I read the book, now he is more George-like. Both the boys I can relate Alex to. What I like about her depiction of her sons is that they come across as real people rather than the bundles of deficit so beloved of some writers. I dont agree with some of her choices, but she does seem very respectful when talking about her sons. I like that.

Anyway must dig it out for another read, thanks! I only wish Charlotte Moore would write another.

Daisy said...

I think I need to read this. I like reading about how other parents cope. We all have enough material for a book of our own, but how many of us actually write it?

Anonymous said...

My Son is rather embarassing when it comes to accepting presents. If he doesn't approve of the contents then he announces that, "it's for girls", and throws it over his shoulder. He's getting into the swing of Christmas now but does find the change in routine at school VERY difficult. In particular he doesn't approve of people singing. Imagine how boring Christmas would be without these differences LOL

mommyguilt said...

I just read your post from last year and have immediately emailed every member of my family that I want THAT BOOK for Christmas. If I don't get it from someone, I'll just have to get it on my own. But I MUST have it1!