Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Curious George, the sequel

Elsewhere on this blog, discriminating aficionados of art and literature will find a series of Curious George illustrations that have received a great deal of critical acclaim. This week I learned that there were several additional pieces tucked in Bud's backpack that had never before been released to the public.

Here, then, are the recently-discovered lost works from the master himself:

George is a monkey, so he can do things that you can'ts do.
He had an umbrella.

George is a monkey, so he can do things you can'ts do.
Well, he ate a zero and he changed numbers to thousands to one hundred.

Well, he's a monkey so he can do things you can'ts do.
George and his friends rolled down really fast.

George is a monkey, so he can do things you can'ts do.
He was taking all the sounds for the animals were making.

The end?


Wendy said...

That last one is really artistic! I mean, the rest of them are great but that last one is really wonderful. I love the swirly-looking colors.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Wendy. That last one is freakin' brilliant!

Daisy said...

I hope there's a sequel!

Connie Deming said...

I love that last one (and the umbrella one)...a gorgeous watercolor! Save it and he'll be selling them some day like Jessy Parks!

Anonymous said...

that last one is definitely art work. you should blow it up and frame it. it's beautiful.

kristina said...

Am with Daisy----there must be more!

Anonymous said...

He is a very talented artist!
I love his pictures but I particularly like the captions.