Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Clubhouse has landed

Bud earned his final sticker at lunch today and has been playing with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all afternoon.

With his dinner tonight, he had bites of peas, raw carrots, celery, green beans and corn. (We've eliminated cooked carrots from the repertoire.) No gagging. No spitting. No questions. No problem.

This Clubhouse would have been a bargain at twice the price.


Drama Mama said...

It is even better than I imagined. Sigh. It always gets me that we parents of the "French" will do whatever it takes as efficiently and succintly as possible to get the job done. (You can't believe the speed and efficacy with which I bought princess panties, Pull-Ups, Door Prizes, charts to get our Little Darling off of the toilet. "Crotchless" Pull-Ups did the trick in two days!) Congratulations to you for your follow-through, and of course to Bud for an amazingly determined job. Now that's the power of intention! Happy New Year!

kristina said...

Now that's the way to end the year! Perhaps the salad bar is next?

Cheers always from Kristina

Frogs' mom said...

Way to go Bud! You are too cool! And Congratulations to mom too :0) Hope the Mickey Mouse Playhouse brings you lots of entertainment.

Daisy said...

Go Bud! And mom, too, for making vegetables a team effort.

Anonymous said...

whoohoooo! kudos to Bud (and you)!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's awesome. So I should maybe believe that the gagging instinct is all in one's head, and can be overcome? Good work Bud and Mom!

Happy New Year- it's off to a great start!!

MOM-NOS said...

I'm not sure, Gretchen. No matter how hard he tried, Bud just couldn't get a cooked carrot down without gagging. So it's hard to tell which of those reactions can be overcome and which can't.

Two other things helped: 1) we cut everything into small pieces and 2) Bud found a script from Charlie and Lola that he used to talk himself through the tough times:

Lola: I do not eat peas or carrots.

Charlie: But, Lola, those are not peas. Those are greendrops, from Greenland.

Lola: Oh, well, in that case... (gulp.) Quite tasty.

But, of course, Bud played both roles. :-)