Monday, December 18, 2006

All you need for a bedtime

A holiday, winter day, warm and cozy recommendation for a really great bedtime story for the picture book set:

Alice Schertle's All You Need for a Snowman.

It's a simple little story about building a snowfriend, but the rhythm and the meter are pure music. It is a delight to read out loud and, based on Bud's reaction, also a delight to hear.

It's absolutely all you need.

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Anonymous said...

See if you can find, 'Grandpa Dan's Toboggan Ride' ( my cousin Suzan Reid is the author) The Littlest Christmas Tree is also a gem.
(I collected a lot of Christmas literature over the years. I still bring the books out during the season, and can find my teens thumbing through them with fond memories.
Happy Reading!