Thursday, November 23, 2006

Simple thanks

I started my Thanksgiving Day by reading this post on Autism Vox, and learning of the murder of 12-year old Ulysses Stable in Bronx, New York yesterday. Ulysses was autistic. He was murdered by his father.

My mind turned instantly to Katie McCarron, the autistic girl who should be four years old and should be celebrating Thanksgiving today with her family. But she is not. Katie was murdered by her mother last Mothers Day weekend.

I thought, too, of Marcus Fiesel, of Scarlett Chen, of Ryan Davies, of Christopher DeGroot, and of William Lash.

It is all too much to bear.

So my Thanksgiving post today is a simple one.

I give thanks for Bud.

I give thanks for every moment with him.

I give thanks for the privilege of sharing his joys, his heartbreaks, his soaring triumphs and his daunting challenges.

I give thanks for the opportunity to share my life with him.

I give thanks for the honor of having him share his life with me.

I give thanks for Bud, autism and all.

Today, and every day.


Maddy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me and mine. Cheers

kristina said...

I give thanks for getting to know, Bud, and you, and family-NOS------and for all of our lovely children.

Daisy said...

Well said. I give thanks for Amigo, blindness & Aspergers included, and for the virtual friendships I've found with other moms like me.

neil said...

Distance is no immunity to this, we have Daniella Dawes who suffocated her own son. Mental illness is the dark side of autism and should not be ignored. If anyone reading this feels this way, please see your doctor, there are things that can be done to help. Anybody else can help by agitating for improved services for parente with autistic children, that sure wouldn't hurt.

Connie Deming said...

I'm with you, mom -- not a day goes by that I don't thank heaven for my son, who is 21 now. It took a few years of bewilderment, which gave way to amazement, then an insatiable need to "hear" his words (typed on a letterboard), and now utter gratitude for his courage and all he has taught us.