Saturday, November 25, 2006

Master Bud sends his regrets

The nice part about the fact that Bud still prefers commercial-free preschool-oriented television is that his echolalic scripts are entirely free from the impertinent backtalk you'd hear in the shows his peers are watching - Rugrats, SpongeBob, and even Disney movies. Sure, sometimes it means we hear the baby talk of the Teletubbies and Oobi. But sometimes, like this holiday weekend, it means he's far more polite that the average seven-year-old boy - even when he's disagreeing with us.

I'm not sure of the source of this particular set of scripts (Charlie and Lola, perhaps? Curious George?), but I'm finding them delightful. Here's a sampling of a few of our recent exchanges:

"Come on, Bud. Let's go upstairs and get dressed."

"I'm very sorry, Mama, but I'm very busy right now."

"Hey, Bud! There's a really neat parade on tv that has big, giant balloon characters like Snoopy. Do you want to see it?"

"Oh, I'm very sorry, but actually I'm watching Dragon Tales."

"Hey, Bud, your supper is ready!"

"Actually, I think I'd like some potato chips, please."

This phase may not be around too long, since even these fancy words are not yielding him potato chips instead of supper.

But it will be fun while it lasts. Actually.


Daisy said...

"Scripts" -- how true. I'm grateful that many of Amigo's learned scripts are reasonably appropriate. He's picked up some difficult ones, though, from his school friends. Darn teen years.

teal said...

The "scripts" from the bus are the most interesting. Somehow, the bus is like a social world of its own. I'd say to keep driving the kids to school as long as you can.

Lisa/Jedi said...

Get used to the "actually". B has been using this one forever, & it's still pretty cute. Hmmm, he grew up watching PBS, too, I wonder if it's a PBS thing?

Kristina said...

Often I think Charlie is using a script but it has lost its meaning and then there is something else that is really behind his meaning. So even "I want white rice" can mean something other than what it appears to.

Mike said...

I know what you mean, Kristina.

When our son asks us something that he can't do at that moment and we say no, he starts chanting, "I want M&Ms" over and over until we tell him there are no M&Ms and then he screams at us for a couple seconds and normally calms down.

Over the very busy weekend we decided to stop at a gas station and get some snacks (including M&Ms for the kids) he didn't even bother eating them even when he went through that "script" later in the car.