Wednesday, November 08, 2006

For those keeping score at home

It was a very good night.

An update on the races I mentioned previously. Those in blue were victories for the Dems.

California: Phil Angelides for Governor - but did anyone really think it would happen?
California: Francine Busby for Congress
Connecticut: Ned Lamont for Senate
- but Joe Leiberman won, so that's the second best option
Connecticut: Diane Farrell for Congress
Florida: Jim Davis for Governor

Florida: Bill Nelson for Senate
Idaho: Jerry Brady for Governor
Massachusetts: Deval Patrick for Governor
Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar for Senate
(thanks, Anonymous)
Missouri: Claire McCaskill for Senate
Montana: John Tester for Senate
New Hampshire: Paul Hodes for Congress
(and Carol Shea-Porter too - did anyone see that coming?)
New Jersey: Robert Menendez for Senate
Ohio: Sherrod Brown for Senate

Pennsylvania: Robert Casey for Senate
(thanks, Moi)
Pennsylvania: Patrick Murphy for Congress
Tennessee: Harold Ford for Senate
Texas: Nick Lampson for Congress
Virginia: Jim Webb for Senate

West Virginia: Robert Byrd for Senate

Wisconsin: Jim Doyle for Governor (thanks, Daisy)
Wisconsin: Steve Kagen for Congress (and thanks again, Daisy)
Wyoming: Gary Trauner for Congress - stay tuned


Kaethe said...

Rumsfeld resigned! I think that should be on the list in blue.

MOM-NOS said...

Kaethe, I know! What is that about? I didn't see it coming at all, but it's starting to feel like Christmas.

Anonymous said...

"Why Mommy is a Democrat" is a book Bud (and Mom-nos) may enjoy. Enjoying the blog!


Anonymous said...

Even those of us north of the 49th are celebrating Rumsfeld's departure...

As for the democrats, I wish! We live in total RED conservative country up here. Sadly, there are too few of us who sport the lack of a red-neck...but we'll keep on working on it.

Daisy said...

The races were close. I went to bed still worried. I was much happier when I woke up and saw the final results.

Anonymous said...

And here in Nebraska, Ben Nelson (D) beat the jiminy out of Pete Ricketts (R) for Senate.


kristina said...

California, California, you always surprise us.

(A scrap of an ode to my native state.)

VTBudFan said...

Ah, at last...what a relief!!