Monday, November 27, 2006

Dynamic duos

I've mentioned previously how flexible Bud is in his pretend play. His favorite activity is acting out tv and movie scripts with his characters. If he has the actual toy versions of the characters in question - the Blues Clues crew, the Teletubbies, the Sesame Street ensemble - then he uses them. If he doesn't, he improvises.

Here are some of my very favorite improvisations.

The first characters Bud needed to create on his own were Chris and Martin Kratt, the hosts of the PBS show Zoboomafoo. Here's what Chris and Martin look like in real life:

And here's what they look like at our house,

as played by the Fisher Price family dad and mom. (NB: The mom always plays the role of Martin. I'm not sure, but I think it's because Chris wears the green shirt.)

Bud is also a fan of Moose and Zee, the cartoon hosts over at Noggin:

Except that in Budland, the roles are played by a moose puppet and Norville, the bird from Clifford's Puppy Days:

Sometimes Bud likes to play with Smooch and Winslow, the marmosets from It's a Big, Big World, who look like this on TV:

And like this in Budland:

And, of course, we can't forget the ever-popular Curious George and The Man With the Yellow Hat:

as played in Budland by BJ (of Barney fame) and an anonymous stuffed monkey. (You may also take note of the clever roller skates on George's feet, created by Matchbox cars and twist-ties.):

Bud's current passion is the new Noggin program, The Upside Down Show, starring "brothers" Shane and David, whom (for obvious reasons, when you realize that you're looking at Shane on the right) Bud calls "Shave-it and Dave-it":

This is what they look like around here, where Zoboomafoo stars as Shave-it and Woodstock stars as Dave-it:

And, finally, the piece de resistance and my personal favorite, Charlie and Lola, as they appear on the BBC CBeebies website,

And as they as they appear in our bathroom (That's Charlie on the left):


Anonymous said...

i love the flexibility of his thinking! the soap cracked me up.

i don't have cable - but saw a preview for the upside down show while visiting this weekend - why is 'brothers' in quotes? (i mean i can guess, but wondering what you think?)

Wendy said...

Very creative stand-in characters!

I just bought a bunch of Shea Butter Softsoap this past weekend. Now every time I use it I'll think of Bud! :)

Frogs' mom said...

Who said TV saps creativity? I know many NT youths who have nothing on Bud when it comes to imagination! The soap is too cute :0) How resourceful!

MOM-NOS said...

Kirsten, I only put "brothers" in quotes because though Shane and David are the actors' real names, they are not brothers in real life. Well, I guess I don't know that for sure... they don't have the same last name, at any rate, so I made the assumption.

nicole said...

I have such a crush on the Kratt brothers. Even if Martin is a Fisher Price mom.

I love the soap!

Mamaroo said...

What an imagination Bud has. He is too funny! Brother-roo loves the upside Down Show. He goes around making all the noises and uses his remote to slow mo and fast froward, etc.

Anonymous said...

I find it so unique and special that Bud acts out his scripts. Henry has lots of scripts, but rarely acts them out. (I do catch him once in awhile with the star wars action figures having a light saber fight.)

I think Bud will be an artist of some kind someday.

The Upside Down Show kind of creeps me out- I don't know why. Same with Lazytown.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god....I love it. He is awesome! What an eye he has.

Daisy said...

These are GREAT!! Thank you for sharing. bud really has an eye for details such as height, color, and more.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT!! every one of them! but espeically the last one. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi -
This is my first reading of your blog, and it has been a very affirming experience. I am waiting for my 2.5 yr old little girl to get evaluated for autism, and I have been going back and forth between total denial and happiness (there is nothing wrong with her, just a maturation delay + shyness + willfulness + personality quirkiness) and total defeatism and grief (she is autistic, she is doomed, she will never have a shot at a normal life). Reading some of your older posts, though, helps me realize what I already instinctively know: whatever the diagnosis, she is my Lindsay - quirky, emotional, loving, willful, independent, and silly. I will always see HER through whatever disorder or disease she may (or may not) have. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wondered sbout the two soaps in the bathroom. I hope I'm not expected to remember which is which. :-)

n. said...

this post gave me happy memories of using starwars action figures to act out stories from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (which my parents read to me around age 5 and over and over again even after I learned to read around 7y/o)... I still haven't seen all of the starwars or LOTR movies; the ones in my head were great.