Sunday, November 05, 2006

A day at the races

I've been looking forward to Tuesday, November 7, 2006 since Wednesday, November 3, 2004. After giving myself a day to grieve the Kerry/Edwards defeat, I set my sights on the 2006 midterm elections and the possibility of Democrats winning back the majority in Congress.

The race is so close right now that it takes my breath away. I am hopeful - but, unfortunately, I've been hopeful before. And neither Al Gore nor John Kerry are in the White House.

So Tuesday night, once the polls have closed and the networks start calling races, I'll be glued to my tv. Here are some of the races I'll be watching:

California: Phil Angelides for Governor
California: Francine Busby for Congress
Connecticut: Ned Lamont for Senate
Connecticut: Diane Farrell for Congress
Florida: Jim Davis for Governor
Florida: Bill Nelson for Senate
Idaho: Jerry Brady for Governor
Massachusetts: Deval Patrick for Governor
Missouri: Claire McCaskill for Senate
Montana: John Tester for Senate
New Hampshire: Paul Hodes for Congress
New Jersey: Robert Menendez for Senate
Ohio: Sherrod Brown for Senate
Pennsylvania: Robert Casey for Senate
Pennsylvania: Patrick Murphy for Congress
Tennessee: Harold Ford for Senate
Texas: Nick Lampson for Congress
Virginia: Jim Webb for Senate
West Virginia: Robert Byrd for Senate
Wyoming: Gary Trauner for Congress

You'll notice that, like The New York Times, I'm endorsing no Republican candidates for Congress.

Then again, I'm not endorsing any Republicans at all.

I don't know who said it originally, but it still rings true to me: "Voting is a lot like driving. If you want to move forward, put it in D. If you want to go backward, put it in R."


Daisy said...

May I add: Wisconsin, Jim Doyle for Governor, Steve Kagen (district 8) for Congress.
Both Democrats, both strongly pro-education, both understand the middle class

kristina said...

It might not be a bad time to read the chapter in Send in the Idiots when Kamran Nazeer writes about how he and his speechwriter friend Craig "crashed" a Republican fundraiser on Long Island.....

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Angelides is way behind Schwarzenneger. The Democrats should have chosen a candidate with more charisma. After all you're going against someone who gets more votes for being a celebrity than for his political/administrative credentials.

That's why I'm hoping Barack Obama runs in 2008. He's the one who can be an inspiration to voters and bring back something that America misses since the Kennedy era.

Anonymous said...

Daisy, thanks for the additions!

Kristina, I loved that chapter... What's more uncomfortable than being an autistic person in a room full of neurotypicals? Being a Democrat in a room full of Republicans! (And probably vice versa.)

Leila, I feel the same way about Obama - SUCH a charistmatic leader. My fear is that voters might be concerned about his lack of experience. I'm currently mulling the possibility of a Bill Richardson/Barack Obama ticket for 2008. As a governor, Richardson has experience in an executive position, and I think their geographic and racial diversity would appeal to a wide range of voters.

I'd love to see an Al Gore/Barack Obama ticket personally, but I'm not sure how the rest of the country feels about Gore these days.

Anonymous said...

Nooooo! Bill Richardson is an autism/mercury sympathizer! He has expressed support for a thimerosal ban for New Mexico.

Woo knows no party boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Couple more for you: Amy Klobuchar vs. Mark Kennedy for Minnesota Senator (she's gonna whup him, wahoo!) and Patty Wetterling vs. Michele "fool for Christ" Bachmann for US House, also from Minnesota (Wetterling was leading last I checked).

Anonymous said...

Oooo... Tuesday is going to be a late night...

Chatahoochee, can you pass on more info about that? I'd love to look into it (and luckily, I have many months before I really need to throw my support behind a candidate.)

I just did a very quick Google search on Bill Richardson and found more on his concerns about aspertame than about thimerosal. I did find some quotes about his concerns regarding the general health and environmental risks of mercury levels in the atmosphere, and I agree with him there. I also found this, which looks good to me.

Anonymous said...

Yikes - I am completely on the other side of the blue/red line. I'll definitely be voting for Arnold and the other Republicans. But it strikes me as cool that we (here in the autism blogland) all have so much in common and "get along" so well, even when we are coming from different sides of the "spectrum".

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Steve. Diversity of thought is a good and healthy thing - in politics as well as in "Autismland."

Thanks for not being put off by my tendency to overstate my case! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am former lifelong republican who switched to the "D" side, after being beaten over the head from the pulpit about which candidate to choose. I have heard many ministers preach that not voting for "God's Man" is a sin.

It bothers me that there are powerful people behind the political scene that are using millions of Christians to swing elections by promising "morality in government" and then being just as awful, horrible, nasty and deceitful as every other politician because that's what they are, politicians. We can't forget that they are all politicians.

They don't care about moral issues, they care about maintaining power in the white house, congress and senate and will do and say what it takes to get that.

Anonymous said...

That's a funny little quote...never heard it before. Totally agree!

MothersVox said...

Thanks for that list . . .

And please add

Kentucky: Tom Barlow for Congress

Anonymous said...

Good for you, MomNOS, for not being afraid to post your views. I happen to agree with most. Although I am a staunch Democrat, I just never got the warm fuzzies for Gore. I'll vote for him if I have to in order to vote Democrat, but really I'd like to see the party put forth someone better.

Here's a question unrelated, though: you mentioned aspartame. I am not up on this info. I know it's been linked to seizures, and I know many people, myself included, who cannot tolerate it due to headaches and stomach cramps, but that's the extent of my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, MothersVox. I forgot to add KY - I believe there are a couple of important (close) races going on there. I should probably also have mentioned New York and Indiana.

Teal, I don't pretend to know a lot about the aspartame debate, but this is the sort of thing that turned up on Google.