Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bud and Mom's excellent adventure

Last night Bud and I enjoyed an elaborate pretend adventure, in which we sailed on a boat that hit an iceberg, narrowly escaped being destroyed by an oncoming ship, got swallowed by a whale, swam with penguins, and were chased by a herd of elephants. When it was all over and we were safe at home and ready for bed, we decided to write the story down. Bud dictated and I wrote, doing my best to refrain from prompting or editing. Unfortunately, we started writing after the evening dose of melatonin so, by the end, our sleepy narrator began to wander and became a bit script-dependent. I like to think it gives the story a kind of Kerouac On the Road vibe.

See what you think:

We rowed our boat. Then we saw a dolphin. The boat has a hole in it. We put some tape on it. Then we saw a big ship coming at us. And it bump into us.

"Hurry!" shouted Bud. He was so scared and he eat it.

"No, ship!" said Bud.

"I said 'need it', not 'eat it'!" shouted Mom.

He was so mad because a ship was coming up. Because Mom is alright. Bud is new here. The big upside down cap!

We heard someone calling.

"Bud? Mom? Bud? Mom?" It sound like Sumbah. Now he called him again. How he take them back?

"How?" said Mom.

"I don't know," said Bud. He was not accepted. She was all right. And it was correct. He put it in his pocket and they went inside.

Bud said, "Next time, Mom, please enjoy yourselves."

Sumbah was taking them for bed.

Bud is a boy.

Is a Mom and a Bud.

The end.


Wendy said...

And they say autistic children can't pretend play....

Awesome story Bud!

Daisy said...

You're keeping these in a scrapbook for the future, right?

Anonymous said...

so great! i feel like i was there.

kristina said...

Happy sailing with Cap'n Bud and 1st mate Mom-NOS.