Saturday, October 14, 2006

Budding romance

Love is in the air.

I've suspected for some time that Kelly loves Bud. She hasn't come right out and said it, but I've known it was true. It's obvious that she's fond of him - but, then, many of the children in Bud's class are fond of him. Each day at pick-up time, a group gathers around him. The boys give him high-fives; the girls hug him. He opens his palm to receive the high-fives; he stands still and allows himself to be hugged.

But there has been something different about Kelly. Kelly is always among the huggers - and she is usually the most enthusiastic of them. She's the first person to greet him when he arrives in the classroom each morning. And she recently painted him a picture and wrote both their names on the back. She gave it to him as Nana was getting him ready to go home.

"Oh, Kelly," said Nana, "This is a beautiful picture! I'll bet Bud would like to hang it on his wall."

Kelly smiled, and replied wistfully, "And then every time he looks at it he'll think of me?"

I have to admit, I've been worried that Kelly was setting herself up for heartbreak, as I've suspected that she was unknowingly embroiled in a love triangle: Kelly loved Bud, but Bud only had eyes for Mrs. Parker. But it seems that persistence may have paid off, and the tides might be turning in Kelly's direction. At the end of the school day yesterday as the students said their farewells for the weekend, Kelly approached Bud with her arms open. Bud turned to her, flung his arms open...

and hugged back.

Ah, romance.


Daisy said...

Oh, sigh, young love!

Anonymous said...

I will never tire of seeing Owen authentically engage in, and enjoy, a hug from a friend.
It's sounds like such a simple, innocuous thing, but really it is a huge step into the world!!
Yay Bud!

kristina said...

Puppy love is the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of "Mrs.Parker's" everywhere...sniff, sniff. I always loved it when I was the one my student's loved.
What a terrific friendship budding. ( hee hee excuse the pun) Tara is right, it is a huge step into the world.

MommyTof3 said...

awhhhhhh-That was sooo sweet :)
Young love is the sweetest-eh?
Way to go Bud-that is a HUGE deal-I agree :)