Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thanks, Pa

It seems that Bud was in better hands than I knew today.

I was not the only person in the family who spent the day in a panic. My husband, my parents, and I spent most of the day calling each other - how do you think it's going? what have you heard? here is the latest... We realized this morning that in Bud's almost 7 years he has never once spent six continuous hours away from the four of us. School days were half-days; babysitters were short-term. In his entire life, until today, Mom or Dad or Nana or Papa always appeared before four hours were up.

So today was difficult for all of us. My husband and I were at work, watching the clock and counting the seconds. My parents, suddenly under-employed, spent the day bumping into each other as they meandered through a strangely quiet house. And as they began to compare notes, they discovered that they'd each started the day in a similar way - by having a silent conversation with my grandfather, Pa, who died thirty-one years ago today, on my ninth birthday.

"I can't be with him today," my father said, "So I need you to be."

"Stay with him," my mother said, "And bring his siblings along for moral support."

It's really no wonder that Bud didn't need Gramps' hat on his head for his first day of first grade.

He already had Pa's hand on his shoulder.


NancyS said...

Happy birthday, MOM. Thanks, Pa. I love you, Sis. Congratulations, nephew Bud.

kristina said...

Happy birthday, and many more!

You capture just what my parents do when they visit and Charlie is in school---they do this and that and wait his return, practically un-employed.

I think Bud a whole schoolbus' worth of friends in his class with him today.

Tara said...

Bud is one very lucky boy to have so many hands and hearts watching over him.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I've talked to Pa so many times. He has always come through! XOXOX Lots of love -ND

Anonymous said...

Wiping a tear. Thanks, Pa xoxoxox JL

Wendy said...

Stop it! Every time I read your posts I end up getting all teary-eyed. My husband sees this and asks, "I thought she was one of your favorite bloggers?" "She is" - sniff sniff.

Anonymous said...

I ask for my "pa" and my "ma" to be with me on all my tough days. I am sure that there were more than a few angels watching over Bud his first day or two. I have it on good authority that kids are the most precious thing in the universe, and angels guide them through each and every day. (one of my students with austism told me that when he was in grade 3...he also told me sometimes he tells the angels to get lost....I knew when he had told them, that's for sure... it made the day more challenging...I can see his impish grin now....I love that young man...he's now in Grade 7)

Kat said...

Oh I just loved this. My son has autism and he had a special bond with my mother who died 4 years ago. I just know she watches over him. I hear him talking to himself and I know she listens. Thanks for this post.